A Child Who Did What Elders Could Not


There is nothing difficult like trying to convince human minds to suit your own personal agendas—without considering theirs. Like this, I am sure you will have to struggle because, human beings unlike animals, have critical questions like: but why? what about if we do it this way? — and unless you can answer these questions, never think that you will manipulate people like your own properties.

The entire narration is only but trying to explain how even a little kid was able to question President Donald Trump’s agendas, and instead gave him an alternative which needs much attention from him.

A 9-year-old Amariyanna Copeny, who is serving as ‘Little Miss Flint’—after winning a beauty pageant, and the ‘Youth Ambassador for the Women’s March,’ recently criticized Donald Trump for prioritizing harsh immigration policies and ignoring her community’s need for healthy water.

Speaking at the ‘We Belong Together’ rally outside the White House, Copeny revealed that the president once promised that he would “focus on assisting Michigan to improve Flint’s water infrastructure.” But instead, she said, he has focused on keeping immigrants out of this country and building a wall.

The little girl who, last year, made headlines after writing a letter which convinced President Barack Obama to visit her hometown, went on to contrast Trump with his predecessor, Obama.

“I wrote a letter to President Obama,” Copeny’s speech read. “Not only did President Obama write me back, but he also visited Flint to meet me. President Trump, too, came to Flint. I met him. But he wasn’t so nice to me at all.” She said Trump didn’t allow her to ask any questions during his visit.

“Later on the campaign trail, President Trump promised to fix Flint,” Copeny added. “Unfortunately, this is one promise that has failed to keep, just like he promised to ‘make American great again.’ One promise that he has kept unbroken is to build his wall.”

“Trump is tearing many families apart with these policies on immigration,” Copeny went on. “And us kids we’re here to tell him—no more!”

The Flint water crisis, started back in 2014 when it was found that and its’ water had poisoned local children and the entire residents were exposed to harmful levels of lead in drinking water. But it has still not fully been resolved.

Last month, the ‘Environmental Protection Agency’ allocated Michigan $100 million to repair Flint’s water infrastructure, using the funds Congress approved during Obama administration.

Although the water quality has been solved to acceptable levels, the residents are still instructed to use filtered or bottled water till the pipes are replaced.

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