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Clerical Worker Says Bill O’Reilly Grunted At Her and Called Her “Hot Chocolate”

Clerical Worker Says Bill O'Reilly Grunted At Her and Called Her "Hot Chocolate"

By M. Swift

Another day, another incident of someone at Fox News either harassing women or being racist around Black women–or in general. Sometimes Fox News will combine the two. Enter Bill O’Reilly. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the clerical worker worked in the same office as O’Reilly and endured inappropriate behavior.

Harassment from Bill O’Reilly

The unnamed woman is being represented by attorney Lisa Bloom who detailed the harassment her client suffered from O’Reilly. Bloom said that the Fox News host would leer at the woman when no one was around and call her “hot chocolate.”

In speaking with the Hollywood Reporter, Bloom said that O’Reilly wouldn’t talk to the woman but would “grunt at her like a wild boar.”

The report was filed via Fox News’ harassment hotline, according to the Hollywood Reporter. This recent allegation comes while former network CEO Roger Ailes is under investigation for sexual harassment. O’Reilly himself has seen sexual harassment claims pile up. Prior to this, it was Wendy Walsh who claims that O’Reilly iced her out from appearing on his show after she rejected his advances.

Things have gotten so outrageous that advertisers have dropped the host’s show. There’s also a movement to have O’Reilly dropped from TV.

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M. Swift primarily writes on moments and important figures in Black history for Your Black World. He also writes heavily on wrestling, comics, gaming, and Black sci-fi and fantasy.

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