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How a Video Gave Strength to Moms with Sick Kids


Indeed it’s heartbreaking and painful to watch it, but for the mothers in the new video from the ‘SickKids Foundation,’—it is a real life experience.

A new video released by the SickKids Foundation shows the gripping reality of what it is like being the mom of a kid suffering from a serious illness. The ad features actors and five real, mothers of sick children experiencing everything from sadness, tears, and anger to pure strength for their kids.

One of the mothers in the ad says there is no a scene in it which she did not ever experience by herself.

Natasha Koss’s daughter–Selena, 6, was diagnosed with cancer while at 4-years-old. “I recall hearing the expression, ‘you do not understand how strong you are, till strong is the only option you have,’ Koss says. “When something like this occurs to you, your only survival tool is staying positive and strong.”

But regardless of how strong you’re, it is still difficult. The video shows what the heartache mothers go through silently. Koss insists the video is raw and nonfictional, and that is what makes it more compelling.

“They did not sugarcoat it,” she continues. “They adopted the real story out there and then showed it to our side.”

Koss says she hopes that the video will enable people to know the struggles that mothers of sick children go through.

“I have had family members watching the commercial and then say that they did not realize that all that pain existed,” she added. “We do not expose that pain to the entire world. You do not really cry in front of the strangers. All these things occur when nobody’s watching.”

One of the best options that somebody can do if their loved ones or friend is going through such pain is calling to check in, according to Koss.

“Many people stay away since they don’t understand what to say, but it is okay just even to send one text message saying, ‘Hey, is everything okay? I am praying for you.’”

There’re other ways to express your support. And the video finalizes with the plea that, “This Mother’s Day, assist a Sick-Kids’ mother stay strong.” It also give a link ‘,”—where you can buy heartfelt products—that give back to the ‘SickKids Foundation’ to assist families like Koss’s sick daughter.

But don’t be sad as that isn’t the agenda here: There’s some good news for Selena—after the 36 weeks of aggressive chemotherapy treatments, her CT scan outcomes came back clear in last May, and she is currently in remission.

To celebrate the last summer, Koss, with her friends and family, threw her daughter a party by name “End of Chemo Party.”

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