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NBA Star Carmelo Anthony Got More Problems In His Life Than Basketball

By Dr. Sinclair N. Grey III

Can we be honest and say that it takes hard work for professional athletes to stay committed in their relationships? No matter what anyone tries to tell you, the pressure they deal with on a daily basis is something that many of us cannot fathom. Let’s face it – marriage is difficult for many people and how one deals with it will determine if it’s a success or a failure.

It’s sad when couples break up, especially when they’ve been together for quite some time. With the divorce rate being over 50%, it’s important for people who are married to work at staying together. Again, professional athletes who are committed to their marriages should avoid temptation by all means. In addition to that, they need to be careful of where they go and who they associate with.

Did you know that NBA star Carmelo Anthony has been separated from his wife, La La? Here’s something that’s more interesting. Anthony is alleged to have impregnated a woman who works at a gentleman’s club in NYC. She’s expecting Anthony to pay for her medical expenses and other costs.

The woman is said to be six and half months pregnant. According to an article in the Daily Mail, “It was revealed on Monday that Carmelo and his actress wife La La, 37, had gone their separate ways. They have a 10-year-old son named Kiyan.

One source close to the matter said, “’La La moved out of the family home last week and has her own place in NYC now. The split was put down to Carmelo being stressed over the possibility of being traded by the New York Knicks.”

Well, it looks like Anthony has more to deal with than possibly being traded. He’s dealing with a separation and an alleged baby.


Dr. Sinclair N. Grey III is a speaker, author, and success coach. Contact him at or on Twitter

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