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Steps This Mom Adopted To Lose 155 Pounds


Nearly 4.5 years ago, Casey Gemmell –37, was excited to throw her child a first birthday party. Casey ordered for an extra-large Bat Girl costume, and although it was somehow too small, the mom wore it with confidence.

Some days after the party, the pictures were posted on Facebook.

“I really thought ‘that wasn’t me, what a terrible angle,'” Casey, recalled. “But then another pic was posted, from a worse angle. I kept on waiting for a better angle, and it never came.”

It was September 2012 after Casey took some time “feeling sorry” for herself when she adopted these steps to cut 155 pounds in just four years.

  • Start exercising — daily.

“I downloaded an app called ‘5K Runner;’ it particularly said it would turn anyone from a couch potato to a 5K runner in just eight weeks,” Casey says adding, she would run for thirty seconds, and even that was difficult.

“The application encouraged me while I was on exercise, and it would beep and remind me to walk or run if the app had been inactive for some days. Before I knew it, that I had run a 5K nonstop!”

Just by accomplishing her 5K goal Casey had lost approximately 40 pounds!

  • Cut out cheese, bread, soft drinks, and pasta.

“I began to change my diet by cutting out these four particular foods and nothing else,” she continued. “It’s a massive challenge since, at 33, I had a high food tendencies which were hard to break.”

  • Be consistent.

“As soon as you stop whatever scheme you are on, you will gain the weight back,” Casey shared. “I decided that I am going to do it, 100 percent.”

  • Celebrate the small achievements.

Casey cried the first moment she was on a plane and did not have to adjust (extend) the seat belt. She was excited being able to fit in what she referred “normal people’s clothes.”

  • Don’t be afraid of the gym.

Nearly four months into her journey, Casey joined a gym and begun doing resistance training exercises. She started experiencing definition in her body which she was not experiencing from just running.

Today, Casey runs about 3-4 days a week and does resistance training at the gym 5-days a week.

  • Find support.

For Casey, her hubby was her No. 1 supporter.

“He supported me 110%. He ran beside me each day. At first, I was afraid to do it on my own, and he’s always by my side,” she recounted.

Casey finalizes by giving HOPE!

“I hope that I’ll continue on this journey and also hope to motivate others. There’re a lot of people out there like me– who I want them to understand there’s hope.”

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