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President Obama’s Continued Impact On Black America


By Moses Kamuiru.

Contribution to society

20th of January marks the federal holiday all across America that is celebrated in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. On the same day in the cold winter 0f 2009, President Barrack Obama took the reins of power. As he finished his second term, President Obama had faced a lot of scrutiny for a man who was a darling to voters in 2009 when he won the elections. However, there are many notable contributions that the president has made to the Black community despite the criticisms that continue to rain down on him.

Role Model

President Obama has shown resilience and tenacity in becoming the nation’s first African American President despite his humble beginnings. Struggling with his identity, raised by a single parent, and ultimately finding his footing through education, the Presidents figured out a way to motivate himself to higher heights. His crowning political achievement would be enough for many, but many other factors can’t go without mentioning. While holding the most powerful office in the world, President Obama’s shining example tells us that any of us can make of our live what we will with the proper focus.

Military Appointments and the Judiciary

There has always been a talk about President Obama’s significance to Blacks in America and his will to address the concerns of Black America since the time that he was first elected to office. Although critics claim that Obama has not done enough, the president affirms has affirmed his agenda in a variety of ways that affect all Americans. His impact on the African American community is still potent to this day. During his eight years at the White House, Obama has nominated 287 persons for the bench. Of that number, 55 were African American, and 41 have been confirmed. Additionally, 30 Latinos have been designated with 27 receiving confirmation. Vice Admiral Michelle Howard, who is the Navy’s Vice Chief of Naval Operations, was also the first African-American woman to be nominated for the post by President Obama. Obama has time and time again used the power and influence of his office to make extraordinary appointments depicting a willingness to pull from deserving pools of talent that include African American people.

Obama Care

Plagued by a terrible rollout, the Affordable Care Act was set to end the disparity among Blacks and other minorities overall. More than 8 million Blacks in America have significantly benefited from the legislation. Obama’s healthcare department has been active recently in explaining the nuances of the law to its critics and African Americans alike.

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