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Why Cynthia Bailey Is a Super-Woman


Disagreeing is something common not only among human beings but also among other animals. The only difference is that we as human beings react to disagreement in a civilized manner. I believe this is what Cynthia had in mind when she chose not to bad-mouth her ex-husband even after divorcing him.

Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas, her ex-husband, went through a divorce on national TV on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but Cynthia reveals she did everything she could to keep the messiness “inside.”

While at the Sisters in Power event held in Dallas, Cynthia said she alerted producers early on that her divorce thing would be a part of her story in season 9, but insisted that the drama between her ex and she wouldn’t be The YBF reports.

“When I decided to get divorced from Thomas and the new season was commencing to tape, I approached the producers and told them that ‘I have got a deal breaker. I am going to be divorced, but I will not accept to drag this Black man on national TV.'”

Cynthia and Thomas’s road to the altar was troubled with their marital ups and downs after they officially tied the knot, which resulted in an awful relationship, and ultimately, ended with them going their separate ways.

“Sure our divorce was not perfect; there were too many conditions, text messages, and conversations. We uttered unthinkable words to each other, but I have always decided that I am going to leave that relationship with the equal amount of respect, grace, and integrity that I came into it, with.” Cynthia said it with a mature sense of reasoning.

Although she intended to keep Peter out of her own personal matters at the end of their 6-year marriage, the show’s producers came up with another idea on how their storyline could play out.

She says. “The producers would approach me and say ‘Thomas may come here for you, and he might do this,’ and I would reply that ‘I do not give a damn what Thomas does, he can visit Wendy Williams and do as many interviews as he wants. I understand what I offered to this marriage, and he also knows what I offered to this marriage.’”

She finished by stressing her mature stance and outlook; something which a few women will do.

“One of the things that I am most proud of is, us going through this divorce but not making it a sh*t-show.”

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