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A Merciless Police Officer Punches an Innocent Pedestrian


The issue of police brutality has been affecting our American society for some years now. To be specific, the black community has been the one that has truly understood what is meant by “police brutality.” The issue has gone as far as causing the death of our brothers, sons, and husbands—some of the names which I choose not to mention so as to avoid hurting the healing wounds in our hearts.

And if you thought that the brutality has ceased, then you need to rethink your expectations. There has been a trending video of police brutality, which features nasty actions – actions which we thought might have come to an end.

The Stunning video shows a California police officer as he charges and tackles a black man, who allegedly only crossed the street the wrong way.

The Sacramento Police Department didn’t release the officer’s name but revealed that he’s a two-year member of that department.

The officials later appeared to blame the unidentified officer, whom they say has been suspended with pay as they continue with the investigation of the scenario.

“The videos of this scenario portray behavior and actions that we would consider unacceptable,” the department stated.

The footage commences with a white police officer, and the black man, who was later identified by name as Nandi Cain Jr., facing each other at the center of the street.

Nandi removes his jacket and, immediately after, the cop strides toward him. Nandi does not appear to resist as police officer tackles him to the ground and then punches him severely. Additional police officers hurriedly arrived to that residential street and assisted the handcuff the man.

Nandi was walking back home from work, according to Naomi Monaie, the neighbor who recorded the incident and uploaded that video to Facebook. Nandi had never been arrested before, according to his girlfriend.

The Sacramento Police Department said that the scenario started when the cop attempted to stop a pedestrian who he “observed unlawfully crossing the street.” The man ignored the police’ orders and then challenged him to fight, as per the department’s statement.

However, still, the department expressed their concern about the cop’s actions. “For an unclear reason, the police pushed the pedestrian to the ground then started striking him in the face using his hand, multiple times,” said the department.

The Authorities stated that they would look into additional footage captured by cameras in the patrol car.

Nandi was initially detained for resisting arrest, but later that charge was dropped because of insufficient evidence, revealed a Sacramento Police Department’s spokesman.

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Do you think Nandi was in the wrong? And what should be done with that police officer? Comment below.

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