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Bush Has Done More for Blacks


Tax cuts, school reform, and entrepreneurs

Most people wonder how any black person could support President George Bush and the answer is quite simple: Compared to his challenger Senator John Kerry, he had done more for blacks than Kerry did or will ever do.

It is the time that black voters made tough choices about the kind of leaders we want to elect. We should have flexible mind when it comes to political leadership by focusing on the quality of leadership, the rising of new policies and the willingness to embrace change. Black voters have always put aside their welfares for far too long. At some point it is important to question the kind of leaders we elect in office and whether their policies reflect our needs as voters.

Can’t afford to be distracted

It no longer was about the democrats and the republicans or about those who tried to intimidate us to keep quiet about our objectives. We showed a balanced support in both parties if we needed to move towards economic growth and prosperity not only for us but the future generations. President Bush addressed the needs of black voters through tax cuts, entrepreneurs and implementing school reforms. Our children were performing well in school with most blacks owning homes and coming up with business ventures. This was a clear indication that we were securing enough wealth for the future generation.

Ownership society

Blacks created jobs in communities and neighborhoods due to access to credit and enough capital. The Bush management has increased loan lending to minority business owners up by 75% compared to last year. In a very long time, minority households have accessed the president’s loans which enabled them to build and own their homes. The Bush administration spent about $200 million to enable 40,000 income household’s purchase their first homes. The administration believed that to create wealth for yourself, your family and future generations, and ownership is key.

‘Soft bigotry of low expectations’

President Bush administration ensured that K-12 education was made better in a span of 3 years compared to the previous administration which spent much less in a span of 8 years. Despite this effort, Senator Kerry accused President Bush of not investing in education.

Senator Kerry also accused President Bush of not issuing funds regarding financial aid to students in colleges. The truth, however, is that President Bush increased funding for college students by 55% making, more children from America’s middle and low-income household’s access college education. President Bush also went further to increase funding to black colleges and universities by 30% from2001 to 2005

Over the years, Republicans and the blacks were seen to hide their real views and concerns politically with the Blacks not willing to come out openly and work with the Republicans to solve the issues facing their families and community as a whole. It is the right time that both these parties come together and form a partnership where they should be able to talk freely and be open to change and new possibilities.

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