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Anthony Joshua & His Three B’s: Best, Boxer, Billionaire


The British-born Nigerian boxer, Anthony Oluwafemi Joshua will defend his heavyweight title against the Ukrainian on April 29 at Wembley Stadium.

The big match will be record-breaking with an estimated 90,000 fans in attendance. The boxer has underlined his “financial” ambition ahead of the event.

“I want to be rated amongst the world’s best fighters, I want to be a billionaire,” he said in a statement.

The 27-year-old Olympic gold medal winner claimed that he got five more years before he gets to be one of the best fighters in the world.

Joshua added that he has always known the reality of his journey. Since childhood and the early beginnings of his career, he had always had the goal of becoming a billionaire.

He added, “When I first started boxing, my aim was to become a multimillionaire. But now there are ordinary people in our society who are worth millions just because of property prices. Therefore, my new school of thought is that I need to be a billionaire.”

Joshua has set his sights higher. Fellow self-made billionaires have motivated him through the sporting activity. Even though he understands that being a billionaire is hard, he has hopes of becoming one. The IBF champion also claims that he is in a “smarter” frame of mind and prepared for the biggest fight of his career.

Joshua’s daily routine hasn’t changed. He knows every day he must train to be honestly smarter and more skillful. He has the same motivation and fears failing his fans, whom he trusts and loves as much as they do him.

All in all, Joshua has to struggle in camping, training, fighting, and recovering. He has learned to improve his fighting skills as a skillful boxer. Joshua says that the big change is this year he plans to embrace his job more. He plans to focus his entire investments on boxing.

Joshua already has several lucrative sponsorship deals including his long-standing association with sportswear company Under Armour.

The star became a prominent pro after winning gold at London Olympics 2012. His professional record stands at 18 wins and 18 knockouts with the boxer aiming to add the WBA title to his IBF strap later this year.

Joshua’s breakthrough traces ten years back when he migrated from Watford to Capital where he began boxing under the instruction of his cousin.

The years that followed have seen him rising in ranks in the boxing arena. Joshua’s passion for the sports has made him become a champion in not only in Britain but also in Europe where he has won the super heavyweight gold medal in the modern era.

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