The New Health Threat Linked To Breast Implants


According to a federal report released recently; nine women in America have died of rare cancer connected to their breast implants.

America’s Food and Drug Association (FDA) said that as of Feb. 1, they had received 359 cases of a cancer of the immune system, referred to as anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL) associated with breast implants.

The risk for this cancer appears to be highly experienced with textured breast implants compared to smooth ones, but the experts are not yet sure as to why according to the FDA.

Approximately 300,000 women in America undergo breast implants every year, but cancer resulting from the implants is very rare. However, the potential health risks raise questions.

According to Dr. David Song, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’s (ASPS), immediate past president, the textured implants are very much common. “I think surgeons apply them interchangeably,” he says, continuing that the connection between textured implants and higher risk for ALCL is not yet confirmed. “Although it is still exceptionally rare, it is real, and we want to establish what might be its cause.”

Among the most common threats associated with breast implants is capsular contracture– which is when scar tissue accumulates around the breast implant, thus making it tight and hard. It can distort the appearance of the breasts, and occasionally cause pain for women.

On addition to, the FDA says it does not know why the risk is reported to be higher with textured implants. Some studies have found that textured implants have more likelihood than smooth implants to have a bacterial coating that may elevate the risk of implant failure, infection, or cancer. However, the link isn’t definitive. The FDA says that more studies are required to know what is at play.

Some of the Symptoms for breast implant-associated (ALCL) are; pain around the implant or persistent swelling. The symptoms can often be felt years after the first implant procedure. This cancer is rare, but ladies should also be well informed that the FDA doesn’t consider breast implants as being procedures that last for a lifetime.

“The lifespan of these devices varies depending on the individual,” states Gretchen Burns–a nurse consultant at the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH)  “All women with implants will encounter additional surgeries—nobody can tell them when.”

The FDA thus warns that the longer a lady has breast implants, the higher the chance for further surgeries and complications, adding that only a few women will maintain their original implants for about 20 to 30 years.

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