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Snoop Dogg Pushes President Trump to Act Unprofessional

By Susan Johnes

Snoop Dogg is the latest celebrity to encounter a head-on with President Trump. The president found time to blast Snoop on Twitter instead of focusing on his well-known “make America great” campaign phrase.

Last week, Snoop created tremors on the Internet when he released the video titled “Lavender.” The video features Snoop mocking Trump following his indiscretions as president.

There are allegations that Trump was disgusted by the clip showing him dressed as a clown. At one point in the video, Trump threatens to deport all dogs. The video’s controversial moment occurs when Snoop aims a gun at the fake version of Trump. Snoop pulls the trigger, and the flag protrudes from the fake gun.

The artist revealed to Billboard why he used the art to attack Trump. He said Trump had caused chaos in Washington and across the nation since he became president in January. Thus, he wanted to bring out just in life by acting as a police attacking a criminal.

On response, President Trump undermined the incidence saying that the Presidency is a symbol of national unity and deserved respect.

Snoop has gained popularity in Twitter, being mentioned 320,000 times after the video release. Trump’s image on the song has offered a huge boost of momentum, gaining over 3 million views and counting on YouTube.

The president added that Snoop sought cheap publicity after his “failing” music career. According to Forbes, Snoop earned $124 million from 2007 to 2016, landing him the 10th spot on Forbes’ list of the Top-Earning Hip-Hop acts of the decade.

Besides music, Snoop has built up a portfolio by hawking marijuana and making tours which give him millions.

Trump’s behaviors are alarming with the country facing major battles in healthcare, education, and police brutality. It is unprofessional for the US president to play around on social media.

Trump should be responsible for running one of the biggest and most influential nations on the planet, in fact, the commander of the world’s largest military. I wonder how he has had no trouble finding time to manage his Twitter account while acting as president.

Previous predecessors may have thought twice before social media spat with celebrities, unlike Trump who has no such qualms. For the country’s sake, we all need Trump to pay attention to real matters.

Several citizens have expressed their concerns to find a way to remove him from office before the country faces a major crisis. Americans are in danger with his constant lies, lack of transparency, and lack of focus.

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