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New Orleans Man Livestreams His Fatal Encounter With Law Enforcement

Tennessee Livestreams His Fatal Encounter With Law Enforcement

By: M. Swift

Rodney James Hess livestreamed an encounter with Tennessee police that resulted in his death. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation stated that Hess’ behavior prior to the incident was “erratic” and that he attempted to hit the police with his vehicle twice, according to an NBC report

During the Thursday encounter, Rodney Hess asked to speak with someone in authority. It is shown that he gestured and is shot through the windshield by the police. This resulted in Hess crashing his car. Hess was transported to the hospital following the shooting but died of his injuries. At the moment the incident is still being investigated by the Bureau.

The Mental State of Rodney Hess

On Friday Rodney Hess’ fiance, Johnisha Provost talked to the Commercial Appeal about the encounter. “He could get his mind together. That’s why he asked for a high command,” she said. Provost told Hess that if he was ever in danger and needed help he should “ask the person in charge for the higher command to help you.”

Provost told the Commercial Appeal that encounter should raise awareness of deal with people with mental illness. “They could have just shot his tires out or they could have handled it differently. They didn’t have to kill him,” she said.

M. Swift primarily writes on moments and important figures in Black history for Your Black World. He also writes heavily on wrestling, comics, gaming, and Black sci-fi and fantasy.

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