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Octavia Spencer’s Expectations on the Oscars, Turn Sour


Octavia Spencer, who was nominated for Supportive Role from her exceptional work in the ‘Hidden Figures,’ was absolutely a ‘silver belle’ on the 2017 Oscars red carpet.

Wearing a silver Marchesa gown with some delicate feather details, Octavia made quite the entrance.

Spencer’s styling team, sisters Nicole, and Wendi Ferreira shared their feelings on social media that they “enjoyed every minute” they worked on the process of designing and making the gown for their client alongside the Marchesa team.

She complemented the attire with drop earrings and light, just a natural makeup.

Notably, Spencer seemed ready and prepared to go for the award just from the beginning of the show. She even poked a ‘little fun’ during the awards season with her sweet monolog.

Octavia Spencer’s comedic jaws aren’t Hidden anymore. The 2017 Oscar nominee might have walked away with the award for the best monolog.

It was in the latest interview that she expressed out how her Oscar expectations were turned down. “It is a dream come true being here,” Octavia started. “Not, really. I have spent the last four months of at the awards shows, walking red carpets and interviewing, so this is my first night out of my Spanx. I am just kidding; I am still wearing Spanx. By the way, did you all watch the Oscars? Surely, how crazy was that? … How insane was it that I did not win?”


Obviously, it was insane for her being left out. Spencer who won a best-supporting actress Oscar in the previous awards for her performance in The Help said, she just appreciated for having the opportunity to play something else other than a nurse or a maid.

“It was so nice to play a ‘NASA’ mathematician just like I do in (Hidden Figures). People have shown great kindness about that movie. Very many people have been approaching me, saying, ‘I really love Hidden Fences!’” she went on. “Spencer was grateful by the fact that there was an improvement, on how the awards were granted.”There were three ‘Black movies’ at this year’s Oscars, and that is a lot for Americans.”

“So,” she continued,” Anyway if you are gonna get confused, I thought I might also make some money off it. And that is why I produced ‘Hidden Fence-light.’ It is the story of ‘three black women’ who send an introspective ‘gay boy’ to build a fence on the moon.”

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