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The International African American Museum Targets 2019 Grand Opening In Charleston

Charleston's International African American Museum Targets 2019 Grand Opening

By: M. Swift

Charleston, South Carolina will be the home of an all new Black history and culture museum. The $75 million building is called the International African American Museum and was first mentioned in 2014.

About the International African American Museum

In speaking with, Moore discusses the significance of building the International African American Museum in Charleston. He notes that historians point to Charleston as the concentration point for slavery in the U.S. Moore notes that the bulk of Black people living today can trace relatives to Charleston.

Building a museum on what Dr. Henry Louis Gates calls the ‘epicenter of the African-American experience’ gives the museum an extraordinary platform to tell our history—magnified through the lens of what happened here,” Moore says. “I hope the museum in Charleston can become a place where African-Americans from around the country come to pay homage to their ancestors.”

He also speaks about the opportunity to work in education, history, and culture and getting to use his business experience to tie it all together. He also discussed specifics of the museum’s design such as it being lifted 14-feet above the ground to “pay homage to the sanctity of the ground beneath it and all that occurred there historically.”

Charleston's International African American Museum Targets 2019 Grand Opening

Moore says that International African American Museum will feature a memorial for ancestors who arrived in Charleston. Most interesting is the genealogy research for visitors and DNA testing in the museum’s Our Center For Family History.

The museum pictured here was designed in tandem by Moody Nolan and Pei Cobb Freed & Partners.

The Founder

CEO Michael Boulware Moore is a Duke and Syracuse University graduate. His career has seen him head up the advertising wing of General Foods USA and Coca-Cola. The CEO also writes about how to connect with consumers via marketing extensively. In 2014 he published a Bridging The Gaps – The Love of Marketing: Inside The Heart and Mind of the Consumer.

Moore has his own ties to Black history being the great-great grandson of Robert Smalls. If you are unfamiliar with Smalls, he was an abolitionist who purchased the plantation he escaped. His very escape and knowledge of the Confederacy’s troops would result in him serving in the Union’s navy during the war. Also related to his role in the Civil War, Small would play an important role in Black men joining the Union Army. Smalls would go on to become a Congressman in South Carolina.

While there is no concrete date for the museum’s grand opening, Moore is aiming at a 2019 date. With his enthusiasm for the museum and everything going into it, expect it to be an extremely important educational and cultural site.

M. Swift primarily writes on moments and important figures in Black history for Your Black World. He also writes heavily on wrestling, comics, gaming, and Black sci-fi and fantasy.

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