HBCU Federal Budget Allocation Sees Significant Cut Following Meeting With Trump

HBCU Federal Budget Allocation Sees Significant Cut Following Meeting With Trump

By: M. Swift

Following a meeting with President Trump, HBCU leaders saw long allocated funds chopped significantly, according to a report from The Washington PostPell grants which help students at the lower end of the income scale afford college are also on the chop block as far as funding is concerned. HBCU leaders came under scrutiny after agreeing to meet President Trump for what many said was merely a photo op on Trump’s end.

Two Views of the Cuts

United Negro College Fund president Michael L. Lomax spoke on the budget Thursday. “President Trump pledged to do more for HBCUs than any other president has done before,” he said. “However, this budget is not reflective of that sentiment.” Lomax went on to say that “strong federal investments” would be needed for Trump to live up to his promises of helping higher learning and conditions among Black citizens.

Thurgood Marshall College Fund president Johnny Taylor seemed optimistic towards working with Trump and says that things are being discussed. “We’ve already had phone calls with the administration to say that as we go into the specific lines of this budget, this is where we’d like you to consider increases,” Taylor said. “This is only stage one.”

The Numbers

The specifics of the budget include $492 million for HBCUs and minority colleges with discretionary spending sitting at $577 million. Also taking a hit are Pell Grants at $3.9 billion. Washington Post‘s visual of the cuts shows that defense spending and the wall—or the Defense Department and National Security will get bumps in spending.

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