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The Demarcus Jones Children’s Book Series Teaches Black History Through Action and Adventure

The Demarcus Jones Children's Book Series Teaches Black History Through Action and Adventure

By M. Swift

Author Quineka Ragsdale started the Demarcus Jones series of children’s adventure books that aim to give Black children an educational alternative to the negativity they are bombarded by on daily basis.

The Demarcus Jones Series

In the book series, a 10-year old boy named Demarcus Jones embarks on a number of adventures steeped in Black history. In the course of the adventure, Demarcus uncovers different historical topics and how they relate to issues today. So you’re getting topics like the American Civil War and the Tulsa Riots woven into the overall storyline.

This kind of approach gives children something different from crawling through chapters in a textbook that follows the decades-old publisher’s flow chart. Not only that, but it could possibly make textbook learning itself more interesting by bolstering it with a dose of entertainment and excitement.

The glue of the debut trilogy is the Solar Calendar artifact. Demarcus runs into a number characters in the course of learning the mysteries of the artifact. As expected some are allies and some could be enemies.

There’s a lot of potential in the series. I can see it being a long running series and spin out into young adult literature. Also, the series reminds me of the old Scholastic books that run long after you finish elementary school. The main difference here is that there’s a focus on Black history beyond what schools give in activity sheets. The books are currently on Amazon’s Kindle platform as of late last year.

The Author

Quineka Ragsdale has written and taught history for years. She started the series in 2011 to raise historical awareness in Black youth through action and adventure. Ragsdale writes for CJK Publishing which looks to be working on more books of a similar nature.

Source: Black News

M. Swift primarily writes on moments and important figures in Black history for Your Black World. He also writes heavily on wrestling, comics, gaming, and Black sci-fi and fantasy.


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