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You Won’t Believe What Rorie Has Passed Through


In eighth grade, Ahmaad Rorie would wake up at 5 to accomplish his passion. Not because somebody commanded him nor he was told to be practicing diligently in a ‘sleep-deprived’ state. It was just that basketball was him and he was basketball, a gift his mom offered when he was 4.

“I got a hoop and ball from mom, and I just haven’t seized basketball since,” said the passionate star.

“I initially played track, tennis, and football. But for me, basketball is real big, and I am going to take it to the furthest level of my ability.”

The fans always look at dynamic No. 14, “I like Missoula a lot. The fans are totally involved, and they all attend to the matches. Getting that support really helps.”

Ahmaad reveals that from her mother’s Rhonetta support, is when his journey of having so many tattoos, began as a tribute.

“My mother is my world. I had many tattoos for her when I was still 16-17. I like them. And I always love the art.  Also, I have many that have to do with my family and Jesus.” says Ahmaad.

Rorie was good when he come out of high school, and he landed the Oregon Ducks’ scholarship. From there, Rorie took his talent back to his hometown of Tacoma, (Washington), for the senior season.

Though he began 15 matches for the Ducks in 2014-2015, it was not a good fit. As a leader by nature, Rorie transferred to Montana, despite knowing it was going to render him out of the game for a whole season.

“Definitely it was disappointing not being able to play based on transfer rules, but it built me as well. Being able to practice every time, and then I really got to understand our offense,” states Rorie

Rorie admits that there were moments when the shots did not fall. But he just kept pressing forward, and seriously employing his leadership role.

It all brought him to this point

“I felt like I wasn’t a good enough leader on the court and off the court. My ‘vocal leadership’ was significantly lacking this year, so I decided to get back to being the leader I’m and keep it going.”

He promises to continue putting more efforts to develop his game, defensively and offensively, in hopes that one day he will join his friends Simmons and Russell in the NBA.

“I feel like nothing can prevent me from getting there.  But what I know right now, Is that, team success is greater than individual success.”


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