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Tiffany Gouché’s Profile Needs Your Attention!


Tiffany Gouché is blessed with a rich and velvety voice which entrances you at first listen. Her recent drop, ‘Pillow Talk,’ is twenty-four minutes of raw sensuality and when it’s put, someone might just get pregnant.

Gouché emerges from a ‘musical family’ where everybody, right from her grandparents, uncles, aunts, parents, siblings, and cousins, is highly involved in various types of music.

Gouché says she is self-taught and that her gift is spiritually given, “literally God just poured music inside of me.” She adds, “I’ve played the piano since I was 7and I am learning how to play the guitar. I really love both instruments. But also I want to learn all other instruments, so I am taking my time.”

The musician never stops learning, and she plans to join Berklee College of Music in Boston for music theory study. “I want to be capable of sighting reading and writing with the right notation. If I have an orchestra, I would love to hand over to them sheet music that I have composed.” Says the focused musician.

The reason for her exit from Lionheart will make you wonder;

“During Lionheart, I mostly wrote songs for others. There were only a few songs for me, but that wasn’t a place where I was accepting who I’m. I was experiencing self-identity issues. I’m a ‘homosexual woman,’ but then I was resisting it. I did not know that it was something that needed my decision about; who really am I and who exactly I wanted to be. I used to sing about men, yet I do not date men.” Gouché unpeels the mask.

Gouché said when she made her second album “Fantasy”, it was her first step to accepting and loving herself. “I sang it from an honest place, and I was frank. Indeed it was my first try of accepting who really I am.” She says.  As she got further maturity into music, accepting and loving herself, she put out Pillow Talk, and she really enjoyed making the album which she’s grateful it has fans.

“They love ALL of it. Something that makes me so happy. Lionheart isn’t my favorite, but I still love it as it shows where I was.” Gouché appreciates the girl who nurtured her to discover her music. “I can try to love her too since I could not be who I’m without her. It is the growth. It is the journey. I’m appreciative for every project.”

Finally, Gouché reveals her sexiest song that she has ever made and what inspired her:

“’Red Rum Melody’ is my personal favorite. Redrum backward is ‘murder’. So basically, it is the ‘murder’ the p*ssy song. I wanted to be creative and explicitly say ‘I am going to murder it.‘”

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