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Police Dispatcher In Tamir Rice Shooting Suspended For 8 Days

Police Dispatcher In Tamir Rice Shooting Suspended For 8 Days

By: M. Swift

The Cleveland 911 dispatcher who relayed information resulting in the death of Tamir Rice receives an eight-day suspension. Disciplinary action comes about over two years after the police-initiated shooting.

The Suspension

Police chief Calvin Williams found that Constance Hollinger violated protocol in the November 2014 shooting. Officer William Cunningham received two days for being at the rec center without permission.

In relaying information to dispatcher Beth Mandl, the responding officers didn’t get important details about the scene. Details such as if Tamir was a child or adult and if the gun was real. It turns out Hollinger did get that information from the caller who spotted young Tamir Rice at the rec center that day.

Given who was responding it probably didn’t matter how strong Hollinger’s information was. In a report from Independence’s police department, Timothy Loehmann is shown to not have the fortitude for such a situation at the time.Loehmann‘s deputy chief in Independence stated he made for an ineffective officer. Frank Garmback cost the city $100,000 for an excessive force lawsuit going back to 2010. This case is settled following Rice’s death.

Loehmann’s issue was in not reporting that he couldn’t perform his duty properly and is stated in a letter from the above-mentioned deputy chief. Garmback’s violation was driving too close to 12-year old Tamir Rice. The officer also failed in reporting their arrival time.

The suspensions are light and late considering a loss of life for incompetence. Samaria Rice said as much saying that Hollinger’s suspension “unacceptable.”

Source: The Grio

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