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Why Daniel Kaluuya’s Story renders Jackson Wrong


The ‘Get Out’ film by Jordan Peele has been very successful since its release. However, it faced a high-profile criticism when Samuel L. Jackson questioned the decision to cast Daniel Kaluuya (British actor) instead of the black American actor. Kaluuya–born in London to Ugandan parents, has decided to voice his disappointment with having to prove that he is black.

In a recent interview with GQ, Daniel Kaluuya responded to the comments from Jackson, whom he describes as having done a lot so that they can do what they can do.

“When I am around black people, I am made to feel other since I am dark-skinned,” the Brit star added. “I have had to fight with that, with individuals going ‘You are too black.’ Then I come to the U.S, and they say, ‘You aren’t black enough.’ When I go to Uganda, I cannot speak their language. I go to India; I am black. In the black communities, I am dark-skinned. In the U.S, I am British. Bro!”

Kaluuya proceeded to point out the racism that he among other black colleagues has experienced in the U.K, among them being police violence just similar to those which have been experienced in America.

“I really respect black American people, and I just want to tell the black stories. This is the disappointing thing, brother. To prove that I can really play this role, I’ve, to be frank about the trauma that I have encountered as a black person. I’ve to reveal my struggle so that colleagues accept that I am black. Regardless that every single room I enter, I am usually the darkest individual there. You know what I am saying? I like resent that mentality. I am just an individual.” Said the frustrated Brit star.

Just recently, Jackson argued that ‘Get Out’ would have been so much reflective had it adopted a black American in the lead role.

“There are many black British actors work in this nation. Every time, I wonder what that movie would have been with ‘American brother’ who truly understands that in a way, Since Kaluuya grew up in a nation where there have been interracial dating for a century. In Britain, there is only around eight real white people left in the U.K.” he continued “So what would American brother made of that role? I am very sure the director helped that.”

Daniel later finalized the talk with: “I see black individuals as one man… I resent that I’ve to prove that I am black. I do not know what that is. I am still processing it.”

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