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Coming to America Sequel Buzz Following Tweet From Eddie Murphy’s Account


A teaser tweet from Eddie Murphy’s official account has the internet interested in the sequel to Coming to America. The thing is that the film is still in the very, very early stages of development. So early that Murphy is still writing it, reports TMZ.

The tweet featured actress a still of Vanessa Bell Calloway as Princess Imani Izzi from the film. Buzz snowballed as if production of the film was starting this summer for an early release next year. Even Calloway is excited about the film and is game for reprising her role. That said she knew nothing of a sequel being confirmed.

The Tweet

Coming to America Sequel Buzz Following Tweet From Eddie Murphy's Account


Since the tweet, Eddie Murphy’s account has been deleted. The social media person over Murphy’s account either jumped early on this—extremely early—or this garnered the wanted buzz and the script is actually further along than expected. Also, it could’ve been meant as a way to discuss the film with followers. As Calloway said in talking with TMZ, Murphy “is a very private person.” So it’s possible the development of the film could be at any stage and could be looking at a release in time for the 30th anniversary next year.

For now, we’ll just have to enjoy the classic we have now. When it comes to Eddie Murphy films I’ve always been big on Beverly Hills Cop and Vampire in Brooklyn, but what are some of your favorite moments from Coming to America? Was it the Prince Akeem getting a job at McDowell’s, the barber shop scenes, or my personal favorite the Soul Glo commercial? Let us know below! 


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