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Anita: Gifted In the Art of Making Luxurious Jewelry

By Susan Johnes

Anita Quansah is a designer from Nigeria who has outfitted notable celebrities such as Alicia Keys and Nicki Minaj. The African royalty inspires most of her pieces.

She started her jewelry designer in London 2006, after getting inspired by her grandmother. With that, she drew from the family tradition of handmade jewelry for Igbo royalty in Nigeria.

Currently, Anita designs for a diverse customer base. She says how she wanted to celebrate her culture with the craftsmanship that told the story of her diversity. Like many African artists, Anita used the body as her canvas to develop a socially valuable jewelry.

Anita evolved from an interesting background as a designer after obtaining a textile degree from Chelsea College of Art and Design London. Her design company has quickly grown into a much admired and coveted collection. Currently, her jewelry is one of the luxury accessories brands in the UK.

She is from a highly diverse mixed background of Nigeria, Ghana, and British. Her traditional African family has been in the creative industry for many generations, designing and making traditional attires.

Five years ago, South African AFI Awards nominated Anita for Best Accessories Designer Award to appreciate her fashion and art. In 2016, she was among the five groundbreaking designers selected for Vogue Talents to showcase their talent at Milan Fashion Week in the Palazzo Morando.

She focuses on manipulated body patterns practiced in Africa to come up with a collection of neck art and headpieces. The colorful beads of varying sizes and other materials come from Africa. Among them includes the faceted crystals, shells, chains, stones, and feathers. She uses such to enhance beauty and society admiration.

Her setback in the industry is the disappearance of the art of scarification being replaced by clothing. As such, the traditional values are eroded with the urban culture thus reducing the sales of her handcrafted pieces.

Anita has worked in the fashion industry for many years with a broad range of designers such as Christian Lacroix, Diane Von Furstenberg, DKNY, and Victoria’s Secret.

Her brand has gained international recognition within the industry from all over the world. Thus she has earned a dedicated following in London including celebrities and fashion icons.

Anita recently collaborated with Ballin Shoes in Italy for the use of footwear and accessories. Besides, she has worked with Benzo Family Foundation and Student Rebuild on the “Water Challenge” project in Nigeria.

Like other successful people, Anita has paid back her community by running a design enrichment program at schools. She teaches young girls and adults valuable design skills, using her experience to help nurture those interested in enlightening their creative capabilities.

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