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Patti LaBelle’s Comments on Aretha Franklin’s Retirement shocks!



Aretha’s retirement would not only be a loss for the division of black church voices but also mark a significant point on her rumored beef, with her colleague.

It is no secret that Patti LaBelle and Aretha Franklin have had their stories of diva encounters.

It is the kind of feud that has never developed into something major nor has been yet confirmed, other than throwing shade at formal events and the out-singing at various tribute concerts. Besides that, the two are legends in their own ways, garnering fans all over the world and continue to influence the modern music.

After Ms. Franklin announced that she was to retire from Detroit’s WDIV Local 4 singing last February, a lot of people were wondering how Patti’s would think about it.

While being interviewed by The Kansas City Star, the talented music star, Patti was honest. She said with laughter. “Child, I am going to be singing while wearing on my boots, till I fall down.”

The case of Patti versus Aretha is rooted in respect, mutual love, and pettiness. But As far as the retirement goes, Patti do not depict that.

“But my girl Aretha, I am sad to hear that, since I love her. Not being able to see her live again, isn’t so cute. But, may God bless her since she maybe, has her own great reasons as to why she feels it is time for her retirement. But I was just sad hearing it.” Said Patti.

Aretha once said she had not tasted Patti’s pies, and announced that she was going to make a line of her own pies. She later concluded with sentiments:

“Ms. Patti will have to move those pies to the side. One of them is my gumbo, and the other is my chili. Also, there will be my baked chicken and dressing that will be in a loaf pan in a way that you would see the Sarah Lee cakes.” Aretha revealed to Local 4 Detroit News.

The rumored, and long-standing beef between Patti LaBelle and Aretha has been both denied furiously and obsessed about through the years. But, either way, Patti, and Aretha are two of world’s greatest divas, and everyone can absolutely credit that they’re the God’s most blessed individuals with the vocal gift. And based on that reality, any chance to talk about their rivalry should not be entertained.

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