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Gabourey Sidibe’ Over-Weight Challenges Sheds Tears!


In May last year, Gabourey Sidibe underwent a weight-loss surgery after she was diagnosed with the Type 2 diabetes.

The ‘Empire’ actress recently exposed how Hollywood screenwriters treat ‘overweight’ characters.

“I get many offers and scripts where someone has to mention of my body immediately. It’s like someone wrote the script with me in mind.” She revealed at SXSW event “they say ‘this elephant,’ or ‘this hippo. I am like, ‘seriously? You wrote a script for me, and you are calling me a hippo.’ This body is mine… in my life, my colleagues and my friends aren’t constantly talking about my body. However, in most of my roles, someone has to mention it.”

Sidibe chose to undergo bariatric surgery, and as a result, she has also undergone a full lifestyle change.

“I didn’t get this surgery so as to be beautiful. I did it so that I can walk around in heels comfortably. I want to have a cartwheel. I don’t want to be in pain whenever I’m walking up a flight of stairs.”

“My surgeon said they had cut my stomach into a half,” she added. “This would reduce my hunger and limit my eating capacity. My brain chemistry would have to change, and I would want to eat healthier…My lifelong relationship with the food had to change.

Gabourey recognizes the impact of the surgery

“I would not have managed to lose as much as I have lost, without it.”

However, she still worries about being skinny. “I admit it, and I hope to God I do not get skinny.”

The 33-year-old actress has been persevering with her weight since she was 6 and has battled bulimia, depression, and anxiety. She has also been very frank about the frustration she experienced in public, particularly when she was the center of focus.

“It is difficult to get dressed up for the award shows and the red carpets, when I know that I will be made fun of based on my weight,” Gabourey stated at the Ms. Foundation Gala prior to the surgery. “If they had not told me that I was ugly, I wouldn’t have looked for my beauty. Also, if they had not tried to break me down, I would not know that I am unbreakable.”

However, she regrets having delayed taking action

“I was in a battle with my body for a very long time. If I had begun treating it better sooner, I would not have spent very many years hating my body. But now I love my body.”

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