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From High School Dropout to Top Multi-Level Marketing Executive


Stormy Wellington is a lucky lady whose birth was by chance after her mother’s attempt to abort her.

She found herself in a complicated situation at her tender age when her mother neglected her in order to handle her street business. Therefore, mostly brothers and family friends raised Stormy.

As soon as she became a teenager, Stormy found herself caught up in life hustling deals. She began dabbling in famous strip clubs, drug dealing, and occasionally engaged in exotic dancing.

She was a mark of distinction and extraordinaire of her time. Her humble beginnings taught her strength, resilience, and how to fight. It was not until 2008 that Wellington decided failure was not an option.

She turned her life around and became an entrepreneur with several boutiques in Miami. As nature would dictate, she faced temporary defeat after the economic downturn, prompting her business collapse.

She later relocated to Atlanta with her family. With a net worth of $135, the young lady was determined to change her name and achieve her big dream.

Reality dawned on her that the amount of money she had was insufficient and, thus, she ended up accepting a job that paid $13 an hour. She was working in the collections department of the company which saw her collect over $1 million dollars in closed accounts.

Due to these accomplishments, the company changed her life by offering her a raise from $13 an hour to over $1.2 million in one year.

Within two years, she earned an impressive $2 million. Keep in mind that she had no experience in the industry of networking apart from her childhood street persona. Additionally, she dropped out of high school with no chance to receive the tertiary education.

She had a calling in network marketing since one year later she managed to grow a team of over 130,000 distributors earning her over $1 million in income. We learn that indeed strength and fight can make anybody win.

Like other successful people, Wellington has dealt with many ups and downs. She writes the same inspiration story in several of her books.

The Miami native mother of three daughters is a businesswoman who has kept her vow to God. Stormy prayed to God and promised that she would help His people if He gave her a financial breakthrough.

Wellington has strengthened her faith in God. She travels around the world inspiring and motivating people. She started a charity campaign which has so far helped more than 1000 families. She is considered one of the top marketing industry moguls. Read more about her at The Black and Minority Business Blog.


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