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Empire Star Jussie Smollet Slams Trump In New F.U.W. Video

By Dr. Sinclair N. Grey III

It’s no surprise that President Donald Trump has created some enemies. In fact, these enemies didn’t come about after he was elected. This all started when he formally announced his campaign.

Don’t your remember when Trump claimed that Mexicans were rapists and people who stole jobs from Americans? What about his gesture against a news reporter who was physically handicapped? If that doesn’t strike a nerve how about the recent travel ban against predominantly Muslim countries that he refuses to say it was based on religion? Without a doubt, Trump comes up with ideas without having any substantial facts.

Did you hear about his latest beef with rapper Snoop Dogg? Apparently, Snoop Dogg used a fake gun in a video pointing to a clown representing Trump. As you can imagine, Trump wasn’t happy and used his weapon of choice ‘Twitter’ to talk about Snoop Dogg’s failing career and how he should face jail time.

Recently, Empire star, Jussie Smollett attacked Trump with his latest video “F.U.W” short for (expletive) up world. He wrote and directed the video that aired on his YouTube channel last week.

According to an article in theGrio, “The black-and-white video features men and woman of various ethnicities and highlights injustices, from human and LGBT rights to religious and racial prejudices. A woman wears a hijab in one scene, a boy wears a hoodie in another and four women put their fists up as they stand in front of the words, ‘My body, my rights.’”

Smollett told the Associated Press, “This song is for the oppressed. That’s why I feel like people will connect with it because it is very broad because oppression is so broad.”

Appearing on The View on Friday, Smollett defended the video and said he is about justice for all people. He also raised the question to many of Trump’s supporters – where were you when people were attacking former president Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama in calling them ‘monkeys and apes?’

Click here to watch the video.


Dr. Sinclair Grey III is a speaker, author, and success coach. Contact him on or Twitter @drsinclairgrey

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