The Exception Qualities of Jesse Williams


Jesse Williams’s focus on the black the male identity and diversity within the demographic structures is undebatable.

Williams also happens to be the youngest member of the board of directors at ‘The Advancement Project,’ a civil rights, think, tank and advocacy group.

Last year “Grey’s Anatomy” star used his platform during the BET Awards to discuss racial relations and equal rights concerns in America.

The actor, who won the network’s humanitarian award from the BET CEO Debra Lee, for his evident role in the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, dedicated the award to, “the civil rights attorneys, the activists, the families , the struggling parents, , the teachers, and  students that are realizing that ‘a system created to divide, impoverish and destroy us can’t stand.”

Williams, also honored the black women, particularly, who have spent most of their lifetimes dedicated to nurturing everybody before themselves.

The former history teacher, who portrays ‘Jackson Avery’ on the hit ABC medical drama, stated the African American community would have to reclaim their nation if the police brutality continues.

“We understand that police in some ways manage to disarm, de-escalate, and not kill white Americans every day, so what is going to happen is, we are going to be given equal rights and justice in our own nation, or we will have to restructure our function and theirs,” Williams stated bitterly.

As a result of Williams’s speech, there were dueling petitions; one of having Williams fired from Grey’s Anatomy and the other one to maintain him in the series.

The critically minded activist also questioned the progress the Blacks have actually achieved and whether they are truly “free.”

“I do not want to hear any more about how far we have come when paid civil servants can manage a drive-by on a 12-year-old just playing in a park in broad daylight, ending his life on television and then go home to prepare a sandwich,” Williams said emotionally, citing the deaths of Darrien Hunt, Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner and Rekia Boyd.

Williams finalized his speech by aiming at those who exploit the black culture.

“We have been floating in this country on credit for many centuries, and we are done waiting and  watching while the invention called ‘whiteness’ continuously uses and abuses us, and burying black individuals out of mind and out of sight,  while extracting our dollars, our culture,  our entertainment like black gold, oil, demeaning and ghettoizing our creations then stealing them. Gentrifying our genius then trying us on like costumes prior to disposing off our bodies like kinds of strained fruit.” He concluded by saying “The thing is, just because we are magic does not mean we are not real.”

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