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What Yara Shahidi Said To Michelle Obama Shocks!


Could the university still say no? I mean, after the former first lady Michelle Obama wrote a college recommendation, can the University admissions officer still turn down the offer? Just ask Yara Shahidi!

Just recently, the 17-year Black-ish actress went through the exhausting process of applying to colleges. Lucky enough, she managed to land the direct endorsement of the former White House First Lady!

After the “quenching the thirst” offer, Shahidi had the following words to tell the former First Lady.

“She is very amazing and supportive [and that is] something which is very surreal to say.” The actress had applied to several four-year colleges on the west and east coasts, with Harvard included.

The things could move further onto the brighter side, given the fact that Michelle is a Harvard alumnus in Law.

Shahidi, who also happened to play Zoey Johnson on the ABC show, revealed last year that she planned to defer her college studies for at least one year (just like Malia Obama did).

“I know when Malia Obama revealed that she was deferring, many criticized her, but I feel like the interesting part is that, I know of so many individuals that are deferring. It is more than just roaming around or just sitting down and staring at a wall, but also, it will give me an opportunity for working,” Shahidi stated in last October. “I have continuously been working for more than half of my life, and that has always been balanced with the school and all other responsibilities, so having a year to focus on work among other specified interests, will be good before I pick on a career and decide what I exactly want to study and my entire life path.”

Till then, Shahidi is in talks to feature in a rumored “Black-ish” episodes that would follow Zoey while she will be already in the college.

The Former President Obama also gave Shahidi a “go get them, tiger” prior to her Advanced Placement exams.

Shahidi is recognized for her prowess in using her voice for better and for being a role model to many, in her generation (all traits that President Obama undoubtedly recognized in the young star).

“Truly over the moon,” the star posted an Instagram selfie alongside the Chicago native at the time.

“What an inspirational moment, discussing girls’ education on the #international day of the girl between Me, @michelle Obama and girls around the world!”

On addition, Shahidi also has the support of the ‘Black-ish’ creator Kenya Barris. In an interview, Shahidi said that Barris has been “super supportive” for her college ambitions.

The young star plans on double-majoring in African-American studies and Sociology.

Good luck!

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