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Tamron Hall Confesses Why She Maintains Short-Hair

Tamron Hall is an Emmy-nominated news anchor, a member of the ‘National Association of Black Journalists, and she occasionally enjoys indulging in celebrity gossip. However, something she recently decided to shed light on was her unique hair style.

She has had her haircut since she was 18. Though people used to say, that she had Halle Berry’s hair, Tamron reveals that the hairstyle is fashioned off of Anita Baker. “My boyfriend by then was completely obsessed with Anita Baker. He just loved her. So I wanted to have her hair.” Tamron adds “Okay, I was 18.  And it was a decision from a young woman.”

She maintained her hair shot even when she got into cable news and never really thought about it after that.

Tamron admits that things got worse when she joined the national news stage. It coincidentally happened to be the time when bloggers had begun chiming in with their opinions on her appearance.

“I remember reading online; the most awful, the cruelest thing about my hair. Someone speculated about who I was ‘as a person’ and even went through my personal life specifically on my hairstyle. She or he said ‘Tamron must be lazy for having a short hair.’” Reveals the news anchor.

The comments devastated her, and she started growing her hair back, in 2009. However, one day, her mother said something to her about her hair, and she immediately decided to cut it all off again. She is proud of her decision.

“Finally, I’ve learned that this is how I look best and this is what I like. And that’s great.”

She wears her natural hair on vacations and holidays but only occasionally on air.

There was one instance when she couldn’t straighten her hair, and the incident led to a public spotlight in newspapers and magazines. But she learned to embrace the situation.

“I don’t mind such attention; in fact, I think it is good. It exposes the fact that partially, our identity is tied to things like makeup and hair. That’s something I base on my fashion choices. And more importantly, it’s a connection. I understand sometimes people will fuss about, ‘why do people always care about what our makeup and hair look like on TV?’ but the truth is, it’s a link with our audience. It’s connective tissue. It enables our viewers to say, ‘Hey, I like that lipstick! Where can I get it?’ And I enjoy connecting in, that way.”

Last month ‘The National Association of Black Journalists’ accused the NBC of whitewashing following the report that Tamron Hall was leaving the network.

Also, last year in April, Tamron Hall mourned the loss of her close friend Prince, who allegedly passed away from a ‘prescription drug overdose.’

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