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New Reason For Seeking Medical Checkups.

In modern times, ‘go for medical checkup’ has become so common to our ears that we literally take it for granted. If you wait until you are diagnosed with stage four cancer, then that is when you will realize that ignorance costs.

Seeking regular medical examinations enables Doctors to treat some fatal disorders in their initial stages. Also, it can prevent some unforeseen complications and eventually grant you a healthy life.

Today, only about 60% of Americans visit doctors for an annual check-up.

It’s important that, before your examination, you review and update your health record and be as inquisitive as possible. Don’t shy away from getting your questions answered and following through with whatever advice you are told. Check-ups take an average of 23 minutes, so coming unprepared may make the time inefficient or limited for you.

Everyone, based on his or her medical history, gender and age, can qualify for medical check-ups. Below are some of the common areas which are vital to examine annually.

  • Tests on: Hearing, Blood, vision, and urine, to evaluate your overall health.
  • Examination of your weight, blood pressure and cholesterol content.
  • An educative session on your eating and exercising habits (alcohol and drugs included).
  • Booster shots and Immunizations.
  • Screenings aimed at assessing further developing complications e.g. assessing chances of developing diabetes, especially among those who are already hypertensive as well as cancer patients.
  • Based on your sexual habits and age, examining for STDs and HIV is essential.
  • A discussion about stress and depression to assess your mental health.


  • Every year, over 4,120 American women die of cervical cancer in the U.S, so a cervical cancer test is advised at least once in every 3-years, (a Pap smear).
  • A medical breast examination to test for any unusual bumps and lumps in your breasts
  • Beginning at age 40, or even younger for those having a family history of breast cancer, should check for breast cancer with a mammogram at least once in every 1-2 years
  • Those aged 60 and older should go for a bone density test to examine for osteoporosis, which is a common disease among older women and causes fragile, brittle bones.


  • Today, 1 in 7 American men has prostate cancer, so for those aged 50 and above, it’s very necessary, to have a rectal exam to check for abnormal bumps in your prostate and also to check for a prostate specific antigen (PSA) by screening your blood.
  • Cigarette addicts aged 65- 75, should be examined to check for growth in their aorta (abdominal aortic aneurysm). This situation has proved to be severe among excessive cigarettes smokers as they grow older.


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