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Gabrielle Union’s Story Will Make You Change Your Mind

Any parent with a child who plays sports understands what it is like to wake up very early on every Saturday morning and to sit on the sidelines of your kid’s games. You know how it feels to witness their team lose and see them take it hard. Also, you understand how embarrassing it is to watch them not show up with their best game.

Gabrielle Union and her husband Dwyane Wade (NBA star) understand the feeling.

The actress and stepmother to Zaire Blessing, 15, Malachi Airamis, 9½, and Xavier Zechariah, 3, was asked about how sports have affected the dynamic of her family.

“When your kid decides they are not going to yield their full effort, you have to know, me and Dwyane lose our senses,” said Union. “We begin off like, we are just going to sit here, and we aren’t going to draw any attention to ourselves. This is really about the children, and then it turns into “The Shining” what is happening?!'”

Having such busy schedules, the two lovebirds hardly have time for sleep, something that makes it more ‘painful’ for them to watch their kids underperform, reveals Union.

“You are like I sacrificed some of my sleep and you aren’t going to get on ‘defense?!’” Union made fun out of it. “We are those parents who give like ‘halftime lectures’ in the middle of the match. We are those people!”

The ‘Being Mary Jane’ star might have thought her schedule only revolved around her husband’s matches at one point, but the fact is that things are more hectic than just that.

“What we didn’t anticipate becoming sports parents,” the determined mom, confesses.

Gabrielle Union admits it’s disappointing when she 44, and Wade, 35, put on a lot of effort and have to get tougher on the kids when they indicate a change of heart.

” ‘I do not care if you lose, but you are going to try, you are going to have your hands up on the defense,’ how about that? ‘Do not watch your Dad — Dad gets heavily paid,’ ” Union stresses those words to the boys.

Union also shared that her comparatively younger husband is always very creative when it comes to ‘expressing his love’ to her. She shared that sometimes he composes romantic poems just specifically for her.

“They are about devotion and love and his feelings,” reveals the lucky wife. “And they are really impressive. At first, I thought my hubby had a ghost writer.”

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