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Is Lauren London Obese?



In Last September, Lauren London shocked the world when she revealed that she and her fiancé, Nipsey Hussle had welcomed a baby boy. The spouses have been together for several years now and have always kept their relationship out of the public.

“And then came you,” London posted on Instagram. “Last week, I gave birth to a handsome, healthy, and happy baby boy. Blessed.”

Keep the pregnancy aside; no one had seen London in paparazzi pictures for a while till just recent when the 32-year-old film actress was spotted with her guy at Los Angeles on a Lakers match. This is rare considering the spouses are known for keeping their marriage at low key. But more importantly, social media’s keenness, noticed her slightly fuller appearance.

In the pictures, London appears to be somehow thicker than what we have come to expect. Can it be pregnancy?  But she gave birth to her second kid just a few months ago.

A few Petty Patties could not resist the urge to express the fact that Lauren hasn’t yet completely shed off her post-baby weight.


Therefore, the internet went crazy over the appearance, but the mother of two remained unbothered. The film actress had the perfect reaction after being body shamed for the weight gain issue.

“When I chose to have my son, I was aware the Internet would be ‘cruel.’ I was aware the casting directors would ‘consider me out of commission’ for at least one year. I was aware there will be changes in MY BODY, but I didn’t let the fear of such things influence me to the point of acting against my spirit.” She posted.

Some neutral minds defended Lauren against all the digital body shamers by stating that:

It is kind of normal. It is easy for folks to comment insensitive issues via social media. While the famous individuals, like Lauren, have scores of friends and fans who are willing to engage in war on her or his behalf, the average individual is left to fend for her or himself, both via the social media and emotionally. People who enjoy making insensitive comments on social media typically have a dirty little secret: (low self-esteem). For instance, an individual who is hypercritical of others’ weight may indeed be insecure about her or his own body or looks.

The television personality praised the fat-shaming out-shiners on her Twitter account.

In addition to the couples sharing their new boy child, London has a son with the Hip-Hop rapper, Lil Wayne while Nipsey has a daughter from his previous relationship.



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