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Tricks That Helped a Woman named Jackie Cut 68 Pounds


In 2010, When Jackie Gilmore-Jackson’s mom died, she embarked on food for comfort. It was normal for her to eat at odd hours and snack unreasonably, she even enjoyed dining at midnight.

It was not till she read a note from her doctor, that Jackie noticed her health was endangered.

“I read on the chart ‘obese,’ and I was hurt,” reveals Gilmore-Jackson (48). “When I imagine of obese, I reason of people who are extremely large.”

By then, Jackie was ‘5 feet 8 inches’ tall and weighed ‘252 pounds, but still, she could not recognize herself.

It was June 2016 when Jackie thought she needed to reduce weight. She began by making little adjustments. Jackie thought she was active, but only to realize later, that she only averaged approximately 2,000 steps a day, (less than a mile walk).

Jackie applied for participation in the ‘Woman’s Day Live Longer & Stronger Challenge.’ The magazine only selected five women from the entire country to receive exercise and nutrition counseling from Joy Bauer and the guidance from professionals at Mayo Clinic on losing weight and improving their health.

Gilmore-Jackson never imagined she would be short-listed.

“I just could not believe that I actually got chosen,” Jackie narrates. “I actually needed that, I wanted something to encourage me.”

Jackie believes the tips she got from the program assisted her. She dropped 12 pounds in the first month. But eight month afterward, she is 68 pounds less.

“I was so impressed since in the past it used to take me longer,” says Jackie.

She shares some technics she grasped from her personal experience and from the program that facilitated her weight loss.

  • When you are stressed, don’t turn to food, exercise instead.

Jackie reveals what she did while stressed. “I took a deep breath, and I walked around the campus three times, and when I came back, I felt better,” she said. “I didn’t have the desire to eat.”

  • Be keen on food measurements.

Initially, Jackie would carelessly toss a dash of sugar or salt in her meal. She hardly differentiated teaspoons from tablespoons.

“I was eating 2-3 times more than I was expected to be eating,” Jackie revealed.

Now, she keenly measures everything to ensure she’s consuming right portions.

  • Make small adjustments.

She simply reduced salt and sugar, then began eating more veggies and fruits and drinking 16 ounces of water prior her meals. These adjustments slowly enabled her to lose weight and initiated healthy habits.

  • Create exercise into your day.

Jackie arrives at work quite early, so she manages an additional 20 minutes’ walk. Creating workout time into Jackie schedule maintains her active and enhances healthy habits. Jackie takes 15,000 steps daily on average.

  • Do it now!

“Begin today. Do not say Monday, do not say tomorrow,” Jackie advice. “There’s something you should do today, take more water, and go for a walk.”

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