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Is The ‘Budget Containment’ in Chicago Targeting Blacks?


Chance the rapper, a Chicago-native (Chancellor Bennett) voiced frustration after a 30-minute meeting with Rauner (governor) to strategize funding for Chicago schools, which have suffered massive budget closures and limitations. He called the Rauner’s responses ‘vague.’

Chance being a product of Chicago Public Schools (a.k.a. CPS), returned to his hometown after his ‘three-Grammy’ win to try aiming to use the impact of his fame, and also the funding from it, to assist the budget-constrained public school system.

Chance comes from an activist family: Ken Bennett (His father), was an aide to Harold Washington,–who was the first black mayor of Chicago, in the 1980s, and formerly, a deputy chief of staff to a top official in the Obama’s administration.

“While I am frustrated by the governor’s inaction, that won’t bar me from doing all I can to help the Chicago’s most valuable resource; its children,” the musician said via Instagram,

“Today, I’m proud to announce I’m donating $1 million to the (CPS),” Chance said, requesting corporations to join him.

Last December, Rauner vetoed a plan to allocate $215 million to (CPS) after he had said Democratic leaders ‘publicly denied’ on a pension reform policy to cut down state employee’s retirement costs.

“Rauner has since invited me over last weekend. But our talks weren’t successful,” revealed Chance, continuing that the politician wouldn’t proceed to the funding “Minus caveats or ultimatums.”

Chance claim Rauner “broke his own promise to the Chicago’s children” when he “disapproved the funding to ‘close out’ the school year. Children shouldn’t be held hostage because of their political positioning.”

Recently, Rauner’s administration distributed a memo containing options for funding public schools.

Michelle Obama also tweeted out her appreciations and admiration.

“Thanks ‘@chancetherapper’ for giving back to the ‘Chicago community,’ which gave us a lot. You exemplify the power of arts education.” Michelle Tweeted.

Chance also requested private corporations and businesses to donate funds to the school system. He added that for every $100,000 donation he would add extra $10,000 donations to particular schools to further assist arts education.

One restaurant has also announced to donate $1 from ‘every sandwich sold this week’ to the (CPS) Foundation.

“Seeing Chance and what he’s done with his career so far. They too, can be and do anything,” stated Kenna Austin, a CPS parent.

CPS is suing the state, with claims, its racially discriminating against the district’s predominantly Latino and black students, who contribute 20% of ‘Illinois public school students’ but in turn, receive the only 15% of the funds the state channeled for education.

However, Rauner’s office didn’t respond to these specific allegations from Chance.

The hip-hop star closed with words: “Gov. Rauner, please do your job.”


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