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Ben Carson’s Speech Lands Him In Fire


Ben Carson–The Housing and Urban Development Secretary, found himself in the hot water after appearing to refer to the slaves as “immigrants” while addressing the department employees who often veered off-topic.

“This is what U.S is about, the land of dreams and opportunity,” said Carson.

“There were ‘immigrants’ who came here ferried in the bottom of slave ships, they worked even harder, even longer, for less,” Ben added. “But they also had a dream that there will be the day their sons, daughters, granddaughters, grandsons, great-grandsons, and great-granddaughters might pursue happiness and prosperity in this land.”

Carson’s comments relating immigrants to slaves set off a firestorm on Twitter. Ridicule and anger were depicted, given that slaves were brought to America against their will and not as ‘immigrants’ who were in search of a better life.

A civil and human rights organization (The Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect), issued a more bitter statement which referred Carson’s remarks as “offensive.”

Steven Goldstein (executive director’s statement) went by: “No, Secretary Carson. Slaves did not immigrate to America. Instead, they were brought here violently, and against their own will, also lived here without freedom,”

Ana Navarro (CNN commentator) said on Twitter that Carson misspoke.

Some of the Tweets include:

“Carson is confusing/equating slaves with immigrants? Immigrants come here searching for better lives, yet slaves were stolen from theirs.”

“Carson just referred to slaves as “immigrants.”! And yet this guy is a brilliant neurosurgeon?”

“‘Worked harder for less!’ Hmmm, as in, was it against their will, or completely for free?”

Carson’s sentiments about slaves came followed a lengthy talk about the intricacies of a human brain.

“Every person, regardless of their background or ethnicities, they have a brain, ‘the human brain,’” the retired neurosurgeon continued. “There’s nothing in this world which can be compared with the human brain. I could pick the oldest person here, create a little hole right on the side of his head, and put some electrodes into their ‘hippocampus’ and then stimulate. They would be capable of reciting back to you, (verbatim), a book they read 60 years back.”

Carson, who was a primary candidate and challenger to Donald Trump’s Republican Party nomination for the Presidency, was just recently approved by the Senate and sworn in as Housing and Urban Development Secretary.

The issue of Carson comparing immigrants to slaves diverted the talk of the day that mostly focused on Donald Trump’s claims that the former administration ‘wire-tapped’ his New York residence and also diverted the focus on his new travel burn.

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