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A team of U.S football NFL stars claims they were prevented from entering one of the most prestigious nightclubs in London, claiming that they were “too urban.” Speculations are that it was a ‘racial profiling.’

The ‘New Orleans Saints’ team members had previously booked a table at (Cirque le Soir nightclub) in London. But on arrival, the bouncer rejected them away, reason: ‘six big guys’ and ‘too urban’ (a commonly used phrase as a euphemism for black).

The nightclub has on contrary denied to turn anyone away on ethnicity grounds, but has a policy of not allowing all-male groups.

Mark Ingram Jr, 27, was among the players who visited London in preparation for their October game at Wembley versus the ‘Miami Dolphins’ in an NFL’s international series.

Ingram tweeted; “We get to ‘Cirque Le Soir’ where we are reserved and they tell us we were ‘six big guys’ and too ‘urban’ but no one taller than 5’11!”

This tweet initiated the trending of the hashtag ‘#TooUrban’ on Twitter. Below are some of the responses;



(Thanks to everybody for support! The Historical racial and socioeconomic prejudices still affect society. I am from Flint, I’m proud to be #TooUrban)


(#TooUrban so are the white British celebrities gonna boycott @CirqueLeSoir, or do they only ‘stand up’ against the American racism?

The club is a US music star favorite including Kanye West, Rihanna and Lady Gaga, plus actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

While responding to the critics, the nightclub’s spokesperson stated: “All the team at ‘Cirque le Soir’ are really unhappy by the notion that there was anything fishy in our ‘dismissing’ of the six follows. We proudly celebrate ‘diversity’, not only as part of our ‘shows’, but also as part of who we really are.

“We wouldn’t dismiss anyone for being ‘too urban’ neither we wouldn’t turn anyone away based on their sexually, ethnicity among other characteristics, besides those ‘expressed’ in our door policy.”

“Admitting an ‘all-male group’ is against our policy and is stated clearly on our Facebook page and on all reservation confirmatory emails.”

While responding to the supportive tweets, Ingram later posted: “Thanks to everybody who has supported us! Discrimination and Stereotyping are real in our world. Don’t allow anyone define you!”

Ingram also added that, despite their alleged disrespect in London, the team was still determined to playing in the city in the autumn.

“Gonna be a crazy experience and I am excited about it. I love England! This was our first ‘#TooUrban’ encounter in our entire trip,” he stated on Twitter

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