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Unlike most professional sports, it is simple to trace where basketball came from, plus track its evolution.

It started with a single man and advanced into among the most popular sports in the universe within a life span of one century.

Electro-Mech employees (a company producing electronic basketball scoreboards) are fanatics of many teams’ sports, including basketball. “We regularly follow basketball trends and news, games, and scandals, and we love to share our experience with anybody about our favorite players, teams, and sports.” In this article, we will focus your attention on the “history of basketball in the U.S.”

It began in Springfield, Massachusetts (1891), with a single man in an attempt to solve a need for an “indoor sport.” Dr. James Naismith who was operating a winter program at the local YMCA and required a game that could be carried out inside in a relatively smaller area. From two peach baskets and a soccer ball, basketball was born. He wanted a game which would induce the participants to develop their skills and also get exercise, rather than relying on brute strength. Naismith drafted the thirteen rules of basketball which are still the basis of today’s professional games played. This sport immediately won the ground in the US and advanced in world popularity to the point that, it featured in the 1936’s Olympics. Naismith flew to watch the match in Berlin, but he died three years later.

Although the origin of basketball is simple to track, its increase in popularity underwent some serious challenges. During the 1920s, basketball, just like everything, exploded and formed minor leagues which were everywhere hosted in armories, arenas and even gyms. But when the Great Recession hit the US plus the US’s involvement in World War II, the leagues fell apart since the audience and players were swept into the fight. From this hostile environment a team of arena owners, intending to fill their venues, figured out the popularity of Basketball College and formed the Basketball Association of America-(BAA) in (1946). The idea was to source the college athletes who had a basketball history in America and confine them to face one another. The formed League had mixed results, marketing out arenas spottily more so from fanatics who wanted watch George Mikan plus others who intended to watch the Harlem Globetrotters, the launching act for some games.

A few seasons later, i.e. in (1948) emerged the origin of the basketball in adding some familiar teams from new venues, and another league, the birth of basketball in the National Basketball Association, (N.B.A).

They played the next fiddle to the college teams, in places where the matches were, but the league’s foundation was starting to solidify. This scandal-induced the NBA’s popularity. Scandals at college point-fixing scandals were exposed in the following year, inducing fans to look for the legitimate competitions in the major leagues. This marked a significant occurrence in the America’s basketball history since the new crowd contributed to establishing the league as “a fixture” along with football and baseball. Since then, the league advanced in popularity and its teams. The emergence of superstars in every generation enabled fans to identify with the sport: Magic Johnson, Jerry West, Wilt Chamberlain, and the greatest, Michael Jordan. Today, basketball is world-widely played, and the NBA is among the wealthiest sports leagues around the globe.


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