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“Blacks Men for Bernie” Founder Giving Away $5,000 Grants to Promote Trump

“Black Men for Bernie” founder Bruce Carter decided to give the Republican Party a chance afterblack-men-bernie Bernie Sanders lost the Democratic nomination to Hillary Clinton.

“Is it about what a man says– or what they do,” says Carter, who is giving away $5,000 grants in the black community. Carter received the money from a conservative donor.

“The Republicans suck– they have no way to get into urban communities,” he says, “they have done a horrible job at trying to expand their base among black communities.”

According to CBS Philadelphia, Carter says he gave the money to a single mom starting a business and to another business owner looking to scale.

“We created a fund where we travel the country going into the urban community,” Carter explained.

“This is something no party has ever done,” says Carter, “invest directly into the community that you want to earn your vote.”

Carter says he’s not worried about whether Trump is racist because what he wants most is a mutually beneficial relationship between the Republican party and inner cities.

“I’ve been told — ‘hey I don’t care if he’s a racist,’” says Carter, ‘if there’s a partnership, we in.’”

Carter previously told Breitbart news that he doesn’t expect life to change for black people if Hillary Clinton’s elected.

“Bernie inspired us to disrupt the status quo because it only works for the elites and not regular people who are struggling,” Carter said. “If black communities vote for Hillary Clinton and Democrats in November, nothing will change because Democrats will continue to believe they don’t have to do anything to earn our votes.”

Trump is currently at two percent among black voters, according to a recent poll. This has him under-performing predecessors like Romney and Bush.


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