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“Enough!” Condoleezza Rice Calls on Trump to Drop Out

Condoleezza Rice is adding her name to the growing list of people who believe Donald TrumpBush Signs Andean Trade Preference Act should step aside and allow someone else to lead the Republican Party.

“Enough! Donald Trump should not be President. He should withdraw,” said the former secretary of State in a Facebook post.


Many of the commenters on Rice’s page disagreed with her opposition to Trump.

“Wow, you are mistaken if you think men don’t talk like this with each other Condi. Please reconsider. This was in 2005. Remember what all Bill Clinton did as President and he never apologized for it. Those cigars have a story you know and now just released footage of President Obama using vulgar language as well,” wrote one person.

“Love you Condi but I cannot agree with you. I am voting for the platform, not the man. No matter what Trump has said, (and I don’t condone it by any means), it is still not as bad as what Hillary has done. I am voting for our supreme court justices, I am voting to keep my guns, I am voting against abortion being used as birth control, etc. As Republicans we should be more concerned about what will happen to our great nation if the liberals stay in control,” another commenter wrote.

Trump has been strongly criticized for his obscene comments about grabbing women’s p—y in a conversation with Billy Bush. Trump has apologized for his remarks, and Bush is also in hot water over the recorded conversation.

‘Today’ executive Noah Oppenheim wrote in a memo to the morning show’s staff that there is “simply no excuse for Billy’s language and behaviour on that tape”.

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