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Was Dominique Green Arrested for Being Black or Traffic Violations?

24-year-old Dominique Green from Texas says that he was pulled over after being unfairly profiled by police officers in Dallas. However the police claim that Green was clearly stashing drugs in his car. Who’s telling the truth?

Dominique Green on Facebook Live

Dominique Green on Facebook Live

Dominique Green was driving on Friday in Dallas, Texas when the police pulled him over in a traffic stop. Green expresses his concern about being pulled over for driving while Black, however there may have been a bit more to the situation that that. Green began filming the incident on Facebook Live (which has become a common occurrence given issues with police body cams and footage not being released to the public.)

During the video Green says that, Green says, ‘They’re just f***ing with me because I’m young, black — and on the wrong side of the neighborhood’ Green is shown in the video talking to the camera about the incident while parked in an Autozone parking lot. A clearly perturbed police officer is at the passenger side of the car resting his right arm and listening to Green while he broadcasts the event. Green asks the officer what offense he has committed, however it is hard to understand the cop as Green is asking over the officer’s response.

In the video Green refuses to identify himself to the police officer and stays in his car. Before he gets out of the car he says, ‘I’m glad I didn’t get out of the car. I got a pocket full of all kind of s**t.’ He also shouts ‘black lives matter’ at the police cars before reentering the vehicle. As the video progresses Green is removed from his vehicle by police officers who cite ‘traffic violations’ as the reason for the arrest. Green tries to ask them what violations, however the officer, who has Green by the wrist, continuously repeats his previous statements and removes Green from the car.

Although Green presented a challenge to the police officers he was nonviolent throughout the process. After ten minutes the police officer opened the door to Green’s car and removed him by his arm. The police department sent a half dozen squad cars to the scene. They claim that they could obviously see Green placing drugs in the driver’s side door of the car. Green was arrested for 11 charges, including drug possession.

Watch the whole arrest video below


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