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It is what it is: Mantras To Help Black Parents Cope With Daily Life Stressors

African-American parents search for mantras for several different reasons. It can be to deal with anxiety, children, or thoughts. Regardless of the reason, black parents seem to have more stress than most ethnic groups. So, it makes perfect sense that people would search for ways to find meaningful mantras. Some people associate mantras with wanting to control a person’s behavior. However words and phrases cannot control other people.

Perhaps it’s because the word mantra, and its associations with meditation and chanting, conjures up ideas about hypnosis or mind-control, a la The Manchurian Candidate. But mantras are simply tools or navigational instruments used to sail upon the stormy seas of parenting and living.

Mantra = a formula, word, incantation or prayer, often repeated as an object of concentration; a truism. In Sanskrit, the word “mantra” literally means “instrument of thought,” derived from manyate “to think.” (Beach, 2014)

Mantras cannot  control the people in your life anymore so than an iPhones or any other electronic device can. However, they do allow more communication and understanding, and they definitely make life less complicated. It is understandable to desire mantras for particular reasons such as calming down, reducing stress and dealing with unhappy children. Here is a list of friendly left-brain mantras for different life situations.

1. Mantra for Dealing with Anger

Let it Go.


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