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DeVon Franklin And Spouse Meagan Good Share Their Thoughts On Black Lives Matter Movement In Los Angeles

By Victor Ochieng

Black Hollywood recently came together in front of Los Angeles city hall to weigh in on the Black Lives Matter movement protests. Different celebrities attended the event and had an opportunity speak their minds on the issue. Among those who attended the protest were renowned Hollywood actress Meagan Good and her husband DeVon Franklin.

Rolling Out got a moment to speak with Good.

Good was very specific that the movement’s narrative should change and that the truth should be told as is. Her biggest concern is that the narrative that’s doing rounds is so divisive; pitting one race against another, or propagating the idea that the police hate African-Americans. Good says the best way to come up with a solution is by uniting and not by creating a wedge between people, which eventually translates to more deaths. The solution, she says, can only be achieved if people come together and “address the issue, the root of the issue, the one that’s been going on for a while. Because if we address the root of the issue, then it will not continue to escalate and get the way that it’s continuing to get.”

Her husband Franklin said his participating in the event was to be part of the lot that’s looking for a peaceful resolution and not violence.

“I participated as a way to be part of producing a peaceful solution to the debilitating violence impacting our country,” said Franklin in a statement. “The bridge between the community, law enforcement and Hollywood is critical, and we just want to help bring awareness to the issues and highlight productive solutions that can bring about the peace we all desperately need right now.”

Good further said they love everyone as brothers and sisters without giving thought to the color of their skin or nationality.

“My father was LAPD for 26 years. At the end of the day, I think it’s about the people who are innocently getting killed, who haven’t done anything, who don’t  deserve this and stop putting everybody in one category and let’s deal with the real issue,” she said.

They confessed to having made efforts to seek solutions and have in the process met different players on different levels.

“We’ve been meeting with different people from all different organizations and even talking with the White House, even talking with Colors of Change, talking with Mayor Asia Brown, whoever you can think of about what do we need to do, how do we be effective, how we can get in on the ground work, what can we do behind closed doors and not even talk about publicly. We just need to make moves, period.”


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