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FUBU Founder And Shark Tank Champion Is Now Investing In People

By Robert Stitt

Daymond John is the founder of FUBU. You might say he knows a thing or two about business. Beyond just growing his own brand, however, John has also taken his acumen and savvy and used it to invest in new ideas on the hit ABC show Shark Tank. His passion for business and understanding of what it takes to succeed has not gone unnoticed.

 According to Black Enterprise, John has been selected to become a Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship. He will be “working with the White House to develop the next generation of entrepreneurs across the globe, providing opportunities and pathways to capital and skills, and helping to inspire success in others.”John’s inaugural event is quite a way to kick-off a new venture. He will travel with President Obama to Stanford University for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit to inspire over “700 entrepreneurs from 170 countries and 350 investors.” And, Damond John has an inspirational story….

Growing up poor, he spent his time sewing and dreaming instead of running with the wrong crowd. Hip-hop was in its prime and the tale of the urban streets was making it into the mainstream media. John’s idea of “For Us By Us” was a representation of his community.


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