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Dr. Sinclair Grey III – Pandering Black Americans Must End

I wish someone could explain to me why Democrats who decide to run for political office make it their habit to infiltrate Black communities and Black churches? Why is it that so many Blacks welcome these candidates with open arms but keep their ears and hearts closed to individuals from other political party’s? Is it because they (Democrats) can just about guarantee that the large majority of Black Americans will vote for them? Is it because they know how to point out insufficiencies in the Republican Party? These are just some of the questions I ponder.

Every election year, Black Americans are pandered by politicians (particularly white politicians) who only see us as a vote, but never as a concern. What’s even more troubling is that many Black Americans allow this foolish behavior to continue without ever asking critical, in-depth questions that need to be addressed such as immigration, employment, education, taxes, and sex trafficking just to name a few. I’m concerned that many Black Americans are so emotional with their vote that they fail to deal with issues.

It’s important to understand that many white politicians who like to pander Black Americans for a vote have done their psychological research on what makes many Black Americans tick. They research our culture and learn how to give emotional feel-good speeches. They learn how to go to large Black churches, talk Black church etiquette, shout enough Amens and eat soul food. All of this is to pander Blacks for a vote and have photos posted on social media to show diversity.

I want to set the record straight and say I don’t subscribe to any one political party because to subscribe or should I say show so much loyalty to one party ignores, overlooks, and neglects a party’s deficiencies. As a thinker, I’m concerned about issues and how a candidate plans on addressing those issues. We already know the problems and as long we keep rehashing them it only wastes time. Solutions need to be discussed. Let me say it this way – finger-pointing and blaming becomes tiring.

As Black Americans, we cannot wait on people to do for us when we have the ability and capability of doing for ourselves. Failure on our part to take action leaves many with the ‘hand-out, help me’ mentality.

Before we allow politicians to pander Black Americans for a vote, here are some things we need to do:

  1. Own, operate, and support Black-owned businesses within our community. When Black-owned businesses prosper, they are able to employ from within their community. Successful businesses indirectly control the politics of their community

  1. Get involved with our children’s education. Simply put – attend PTA meetings and board of education meetings. Unless there’s parental involvement, our children are at the mercy of school systems and administrators (not all) that simply pass many of them without having them prepared for advance learning

  1. Avoid being party loyalist. I know this will make some upset because they live and breathe one political party. However, when one is open towards a candidate of various political party’s and hearing what he/she has to say, understanding their ideology, and their stance on issues, then making wise and educated decisions will take place

  1. Become educated on issues. Whenever people within the Black community refuse to learn about issues, they will be used and abused by anyone who sounds good. Reading and learning about issues nationally and globally will help keep political vultures from pandering the Black community

With every election cycle, Black Americans must be ready for candidates to come knocking on our doors. We must be armed and ready to deal with them critically and analytically. We cannot get so caught up emotionally that we forget to address the issues. Those who only look to pander Black Americans for a vote will be threatened and even intimidated when we come together on issues and articulate them. We must send the message – Pandering Black Americans Must End.

Dr. Sinclair Grey III is a speaker, business trainer, writer, and success coach. Contact him at or on Twitter @drsinclairgrey

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