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Watch: Man Destroys How Media Portrays Blacks (VIDEO)

While speaking on the Ring of Fire radio show, Chauncey Devega brilliantly outlines the glaring disparity between how the media covers black versus white issues. In the recent violent massacre in Waco Texas, Devaga points out both the lack of intensity in coverage and the “romanticization” of the “biker” lifestyle. In the one incident, you had two rival gangs involved in a war scene, shooting dead 9 people and critically wounding 16. The reason for this violence was an ongoing rivalry between criminal organizations involved in gun trafficking, selling drugs, stealing motorcycles and other illicit activities.

In Baltimore, DeVega stated, “the greatest casualty was a CVS that was burned down.” Yet in Baltimore, the media obsessed for weeks over the behavior and “criminality” of those involved. We saw as the media played down any of the legitimate grievances of the people in Baltimore and focused solely on the single day of riots. And yet, when a gang of white bikers turned Waco into a war zone, the tone and intensity of media coverage dissipated.

“The police had to show up with armored vehicles, with SWAT teams, with snipers–they were equipped for war. And there were at least a hundred or so guns. Think about that. At least a hundred guns were recovered…”

When the host of Ring of Fire asked Devega why it is that the media did not cover the biker gang massacre with the same intensity, Devega brilliantly stated:

“Basically what’s going on … is a classic example of racial framing by the media. So we quite literally, in this country, do not have a language to talk about white criminals and white criminality. If that gang had been black, if if those had been Latinos? Goodness gracious. You would have had 24-7 news coverage by FOX news–the corporate news media–that would default to a frame of black criminality, black gangsters, and black thuggery.”

Watch Chauncey Devega on the Ring of Fire Below

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