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Florida Woman Who Spat on Black Man and Called Him a N***** Gets Arrested and Fired

The South Carolina woman who was caught on video calling a black man a Tara Belchern***** before spitting on him is now unemployed and under arrest.

Tara Lynn Belcher was caught on video using racial slurs during the 2015 Black Bikerfest in Myrtle Beach. The 28 year old was charged with assault and battery as well as marijuana and hash possession.

During her arrest, Belcher told police that she’d just been fired from her job for calling customers racial slurs.

Belcher explained to police that she’d walked to Aqua Beach Resort to wait for a cab when a black man started recording her with his cell phone. According to Belcher, the man who was recording her also assaulted her and stole her cell phone.

When police interviewed the man, however, he explained to the officers that he was recording Belcher as she used racial slurs. He then showed police video where Belcher used racial slurs and spit in his face.  Thanks to the video, Belcher was arrested.

In the video, the black man can be heard asking Belcher why she’s calling the other man a n*****.  Belcher answers by saying she has no problem with using the racial slur because that’s exactly who the man is.

Things go from bad to worse when Belcher begins talking on her cell phone and describing the black man filming the video as a n***** as well. Then she turns to the man recording the video and spits in his face. The man responds by slapping the woman.

Belcher threatens at the end of the video: “That’s cool, you can go to jail for that you filthy n*****.” The man then responds with, “You just got the f*** slapped out of you.”





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