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Mayor De Blasio “Pιssed” at Al Sharpton for Embarrassing Him

sharptonNew York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is reportedly fuming after having been shamed by Rev. Al Sharpton during a news conference on police brutality.

De Blasio reportedly feels betrayed by Sharpton, who criticized de Blasio while seated next to him at the event.

De Blasio brought Sharpton into the fold of his inner circle only to be shamed by him during the public meeting, The New York Post reports.

The mayor reportedly regrets his decision to invite Sharpton to a conference addressing police brυtality after Eric Garner died as the result of an NYPD cop who placed him in an illegal chokehοld. Garner’s deαth was ruled a hοmιcide by New York’s medical examiner.

“He was really pιssed at what Sharpton did,” one source said.

“He felt [Sharpton] embarrassed him, and he regrets now that he let the press in and that he moved Sharpton up [to the dais],” reports the New York Post.

Rev. Sharpton made pointed criticism of de Blasio, even taking personal shοts at one point.

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