L.A. Clippers Owner to Girlfriend: Don’t Bring Black People to Games

The owner of the L.A. Clippers, Donald Sterling, has no problem with his girlfriend getting racist_clippersintimate with black men, but he doesn’t want to see them at any of his games.

In recordings obtained by TMZ, Sterling ordered his girlfriend not to bring black people to his games, not even celebrities like Magic Johnson.

The argument with V. Stiviano apparently erupted on April 9th, after she was photographed at a game with Magic Johnson. Stiviano uploaded the image to Instagram, which enraged Sterling.

“It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you’re associating with black people. Do you have to?” Sterling asked. “You can sleep with [black people]. You can bring them in, you can do whatever you want. The little I ask you is not to promote it on that … and not to bring them to my games,” he explained.

“I’m just saying, in your lousy f******* Instagrams, you don’t have to have yourself with, walking with black people.”

Sterling went on to tell his girlfriend how her being with black people at games embarrasses him.

“…Don’t put him [Magic] on an Instagram for the world to have to see so they have to call me. And don’t bring him to my games.”

Asked about the comment, Magic Johnson said “It’s a shame that Donald Sterling feels that way about African-Americans.”

Johnson added: “He has a team full of amazing African-American basketball players that are working to bring a championship to Clippers fans. The Clippers also have a strong minority fan base.”

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  1. I understand the social and cultural implications of this situation.This man has a well documented history of such attitudes/behavior. However, are we sure that this didn’t come out as a result of a trick being setup by a disgruntled prostitute? I mean an employer in dispute with an unhappy employee? I mean… you know what I mean !!

  2. What everyone is saying is mostly true however you are missing a very important point. This racist scolded his bi$$h because his rich racist friends called him and told him that his girlfriend was on an instant gram with a black man. Who were his racist friends who called this racist and complained. Were these other owners, politicians or just rich idiots. Until we know who these rich racists who called Sterling are we still have a problem with these racists in the closet. We need to know who these other racists are and what is their status so we can deal with them as well.

  3. Old Boy doesn’t like Black men…Looking at Old Girl…He likes Dark Meat…

  4. I’m sure that was not his first n!gg€r rant, so what made her tape and release this one. White people disrespecting us is nothing new, most of them talk that way about us in private anyway, so the real issue is what was her motive?

  5. Some Whites thank when they have all the money they can say what they won’t to to Black people in this country that’s the 1% our GOP likes.Iam so happy he got caught and we should happy we no one of them.

    • Blacks…WAKE UP! Most white people DO NOT want blacks around them, their children, their women, their communities,etc. Blacks hv an unpredictable VIOLENT – almost primitive- nature about them that makes the average white person cringe in disgust.

      For some mysterious reason white Christian gifted the black man – who was whining, squealing and begging – his integration. NEVER SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED.

      People are entitled to their private thoughts. Most white Christians people think exactly the way as this Jewsh guy. Blacks are NOT our people. I couldn’t care less what blacks think any more. Collectively, blacks are the most racist and hate-filled on the planet. I long for they day this “different” people hv a homeland in America.

  6. Donald Sterling is a racist employer whose comments have violated The Fair Employment and Housing Act. This matter should not be taken lightly because this viewpoint is prevalent in many organizations throughout corporate America.

    • No such thing as the “Fair Employment & Housing ACt” created by white males. White males created two separate acts (1963 and ”68) to deal with employment and housing for their “child race” White males did this because they realized black men couldn’t employ their own people – white people were DER MANHOOD. The white males gifted the black man his residential communities in 1968 (the black man couldn’t build his own home).

      Blacks need a homeland and must be made to be masters of their own destiny – not white people’s defacto children forever – feed the, house them, clothe them, employ them, listnen to them constantly WHINE….

  7. So much hate! Most are sounding as if this news to them! It shouldn’t be! Racism is everywhere! They are racist, and we are racist. Your employer is racist! The question is to what extent!

    Do you think his girlfriend didn’t know? Do you think the ball players didn’t know? You know also!

    It’s all about money, and the acquiring of more money! That’s why you put up with them and they put up with you!

    You want everyone who is found out fired? Then be ready when you are called out for a comment or deed!
    Except those who work for the government, then I guess that’s one of the reason you work for them!

    Just saying

  8. I see these pale thangs erased my first comment.

    Every time I say that SPORTS IS SLAVERY; they erase this Truth. As y’all can see these ba-ll players are slaves to their OVERSEERS aka OWNERS, who CONTROL their money, their lifestyle, and their minds!

    They tell them who to date, where to eat, and where to buy their clothes…ALL FROM PALE THANG ESTABLISHMENTS!!! Those slave ba-llers are NOT ALLOWED to eat and patronize ANYTHANG that’s Black owned!!!

    The Rev Brooks said it right; his ‘girlfriend’ is a slave, and I’ll add this; he probably purchased her from asia. His littler pe-cker doesn’t get hard any longer; therefore, he has to watch her kcuf a young Black buck (ba-ll player) to get his satisfaction. Those racist slavers did the same thang during our forced enslavement.


    “Negaz play footba-ll, baseba-ll, and basketba-ll; while the white boy cut off their ba-lls.” Last Poets


  9. Gregory A. King King

    God bless him, if he feels this way he should keep his thoughts to his self or move on to find another lady thats white.Statements like that could cause African Americans to stop coming to his games, which would hurt his pocket.

  10. Yall nuccas need to stop ****in with the word slavery aint nothin slave about gettin 20 million dollars a year for dunkin a f@ckin basketball. Boss alway make more than his employees and how many of you dumb mutha*****s pullin 2O million a year, most of yall barely pullin 20 thousand a year, stop hatin on the players and stop dissin the history of slavery, what muthafukkin slave yall know that made 20 million dollars????

  11. Nobody set that racist cracka up he said how he feel about blk ppl why yall surprised, and his beitch is half black half mexican but he f@ckin her. Yeah he racist but dont blame him for not renting to nuccas, somma yall always tearing sheit up somma yall would turn beverly hills into a ghetto hood.

  12. Tell em @Kim..hahahahahaha..that’s what’s up..

  13. the commissioner never gave a formal apology to Black people but instead stated sympathy with the players and coach(as they deserve it..)..for the “distraction” it is causing..but not for the words used whether it was that satan or not and we all know it is him..any “other group” would have received an apology for the offensive words whether it was sterling or not just off of gp..over 80% of the league is AA and their most loyal fans are Black..but I guess we will sit around and wait for a ruling like we did with TM(ASHE)..knowing what the outcome is going to be when left in “their” hands instead of determining it on our own accord through actions..after a couple of weeks we will move on to the next public form of offensive language..or worse..and it will be just another headline for “ybw”…….

  14. I hope they lose every game each season he is partnered/owner while he has to pay each one that he dummied down. Can’t stand em’ NONE OF THEM rather on the east coast west coast, etc. Can’t stand racist *****s! God let me see you place them all in the fiery pits of hell with their master satan! Pa leazeeeeee!

    • Right on sister we got sister everywhere that sister got his punk ass. He didnt have any respect for her just wanted a good lil quiet mix girl and not respect her identity and culture.

  15. His hair looks like its comming out of a bone horn in his skull.

  16. With every instance and exposure of the white man’s ignorance, ugliness, hatred and white-inspired injustice, black people in America should feel increasingly blessed that they are NOT white. If I were black, I would thank God every minute just for being born with African blood running through my veins.

  17. I say Black people don’t support the Clippers. I say before this, I was happy that the LA Clippers was coming up in the past couple of years. But forget ’em!!!!

  18. No matter what this man has said and no matter how he feels about minorities, blacks will still be attending Clippers games and continue to increase this man’s wealth. This man will sleep extremely well tonight (and many nights hereafter), while many of you have worked yourselves into a hypertension frenzy for no reason at all as you KNOW how ALL white people feel about blacks.

    • I wrote a post basically sayin the same/similar things and they removed it..Hopefully they won’t remove this Truth this time..silver(the new NBA commissioner..)..is suppose to be addressing the issue @ 8:30pm..probably a suspension for a couple of games or so..”ask” him to make a public apology..fine him..and “suggest” he donates to a “minority” fundraiser which won’t benefit Black people but minorities such as white cave be!tch’z..g@ys..etc..another day at the office…..

    • Please don’t think that “all” white people are like this. I know it must seem that way and I don’t blame you at all. However, some of us (way too few of us) are decent and respect and look up to you more than you could ever imagine. I’m sorry there are so many ignorant whites who know absolutely nothing but hold all the power and have all the money. It’s one of the great ironies of this world.

  19. Rev. George Brooks

    Being a ***, which this old pile of *********** is, he is a child of the devil, as Jesus, who was also a ***, said about **** that who would not follow him in John 8:44. They are all evil and sinful, and black people should realize this and stop being associated with them in any way. But we do so because they are Jewish, and our brains keep relating all of them with Jesus. Who all of you should also know WAS NOT A CHRISTIAN, but a ***. Now try to figure that out yourself, because you preacher is not going to tell you to distance yourselves from ****, BUT I CERTAINLY DO!!! And blacks need to protest and boycott EVERY Clipper game until this ****bag is gone. He’s a nut, like one of the sons of his, who committed suicide. — Now let’s see if all of the black websites, and civil rights leaders, and preachers, are going to blast this white monster-looking thing. And his “slave girlfriend, as well as his stupid wife. —Rev. George Brooks

    • Rev. George Brooks

      I’m leaving a reply to my own message, to inform the readers that the Hebrew word that starts with a J was naturally erased, because this website is afraid of Hebrews. Just as is the Los Angeles NAACP, who I have been told are going to honor this Hebrew son of the devil, Donald Sterling. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS !!! And we all need to protest these traitors. Also another blank in my previous message was to say that one of Sterling’s son killed himself. The whole bunch are most likely mentally sick, as are most all Hebrews. Even Jesus was a little “weird.” — Rev. George Brooks

  20. If something isn’t done to protest this shame on black people and our honor as men.

  21. Blacks should not attend a single Clippers game until this old fossil with a toupee sales the team to someone who is a little more racially tolerant.

  22. I can assure you that every Black person that works is working for a racist! This is nothing new, this is just a broke down old White man who can’t get it up anymore and he resents the fact that she is dating someone that can, my goodness he is ugly too, so the only thing he has going for himself is his money and he feels he has purchased the beautiful young lady! Wow! These White folks keep me laughing…

  23. Peter Darryl Slaughter

    As usual not surprised. So I wonder how many black males think the nba and these owners are so great and cool?
    This was honest saying how he felt about black people.
    These n word are good enough to play for me and pay for coming to my games.
    But after that I do not want to be bothered with these n word.
    I will make sure not to ever attend one game period by the clippers,regardless of who is playing for them.

  24. After listening to the audio it sounds like she set him up and she did a great job of doing so exploiting this satan..this is nothing new about this b!etch…..

    (I wonder who is going to be the first C00N to come to his defense because we know theirs always 1..if s.a.SNAKE!!!!..hasn’t done so already..)..

  25. H. LaVerne Hardin

    If you think racism leaves because of money, you are brain dead. Nothing should surprise a black person of any status that a white man of any status actually respects them because of the color of their skin. It sickens me to think that it would be a surprise. It is expected.

  26. I cannot fathom why a woman who admittedly has black ancestry would want to be intimate with a butt-ugly old racist who hates a significant part of what makes her who and what she is. A man who couldn’t embrace my humanity and uniqueness in its entirety is not someone I would want to spend even a microsecond of my precious time with.
    Not even money would serve as an inducement.
    It’s quite telling that he likes the fact that she’s often mistaken as being Latino or White. While he hates Black folks, he loves the money Black athletes generate. He’s a nasty, disgusting piece of work.

    • “A man who couldn’t embrace my humanity and uniqueness in its entirety”

      that’s how “they” all think deep down..but he broke “the code”..PEace..

      • Yes, he said publicly what others say and think privately, and I’m glad he has been exposed in all his ugly racism. Hopefully, this woman will separate herself from him permanently, because he does not respect her since he hates a significant part of who and what she is. Like I said, there’s no amount of money that would make this Neanderthal appealing.

        • Absolutely..Great to see a Sista who gets the “bigger picture”..I think she clearly set him up and rightfully so..maybe she was fed up herself..how did tmz get audio..why is their audio because it sound like they were speaking in private…..

  27. Douglas you have it all wrong. Donald S. said “It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you’re associating with black people”. He did not say associating with a Black person, he said BLACK PEOPLE- means Black race. Apparently, Magic isn’t the first or only Black person Donald has noticed his girlfriend hanging around with.

  28. He’s just jealous b-cuz she’s getting what he wants. He’ like all the rest of them racists, (even the one who killed the people recently… they arrested him with 10″ of black penis stuffed down his throat while fondling the “TG’s” nut sack) so it goes to show you, he may be racist in public but changes his whole “get-up” when he hit the locker room and lift up one them towels a player has own. Then he goes into worship mode… ain’t fooling ME!

    • There certainly does seem to be an endless fascination, a real obsession, with Black bodies in this U.S.of A. – male & female, head to toe. I found this tendency to be especially glaring when I moved to the Midwest – to a place on the Plains where the percentage of Black persons was low. The anatomical and homoerotic commentary (in public) was profuse, second only to the STARING!! One was left wondering if people wanted to sodomize you in the street. It was quite creepy and very scary. In some ways, major league sports – the NBA, NFL, is just a “refining” of the plantation dynamics.

  29. What kind of woman is in relationship with that mummy?

  30. Okay commentators, there’s Black People and then there’s Magic Johnson specifically…WHAT are Donald Stirling’s really about? V. Stiviano is being told not to bring or be with a black person in an arena where thousands of other black people have paid to come to see a game played…does this even make sense? This is race baiting at it’s best…I believe most Black People have their own daily “little aggression(s)” to deal with…no need to take this one to heart. Let V. Stiviano figure this out by herself…she is probably living the “hi-life” being with Donald Stirling…is she offended enough to leave him?

  31. When are we going to understand WHITE PEOPLE DON’T
    LIKE YOU AROUND. You people work for them they don’t want you being friends. Know your place.

    • And where is our place? Away from where white people live and play? Or, wherever they cannot make money off the talents of black folk?

      Donald Sterling views himself as a slave master. ******s making him rich! Black mistresses for his pleasure!

      Black folk do not have “a place”! White folk just want to give us one . . . beneath them!

  32. My take on it is a little different.
    He’s a old, dried up wrinkled out-of-shape white guy who’s dating a badd-azz girl who could be his granddaughter by age. She’s hanging out with a bunch of black studs- ex-athletes. Now, who do you think is really rocking her boat?
    He’s embarrassed because he knows he can’t serve that young model like those black studs can.
    They won’t be together long.
    He’s insecure and he should be.
    Money makes you rich. It does not make you younger, stronger or handsomer. And it does not turn 3 inches into 9 inches.

    • Oh Jimmy Joe – I love your comment! You’ve got the picture and you expressed it perfectly.

    • Love your comment. LOL. This guy obviously objectifies all Black people and his girlfriend needs to grow some self esteem and leave his behind.

      I agree also with Lang Settles and Brenda Williams’ comments. Black people need to learn the truth about our history, not the watered down and half ommitted version of OUR history that we keep sending our children to their schools to teach them. (Hint: we need our own schools). Then, we can answer these mutated devils when they talk their projection trash to us (which really applies to them) and we can stand tall in truth.

  33. His girl appears to a person of color!!!! I not surprise. And he just one of the owners that’s being expose. God only knows what’s said behind closed doors. Some years ago the owner of a baseball team (I can’t recall her name)stated that she would rather have two trained monkeys than to hire two African Americans!!!! I believe her name was Marge Sharp. So racism still is alive a well.

  34. The girlfriend is black/mexican….soooo..whats her problem???

  35. They knew he was anti – minority from him being sued for fair housing violations, Elgin Baylor sued him for racial discrimination also. the league needs to let all the players of the clippers opt out of their contracts with pay or give him a choice to sale his stake in the Clippers at even a discount price.

    • “the league needs to let all the players of the clippers opt out of their contracts with pay or give him a choice to sale his stake in the Clippers at even a discount price.”

      Excellent post Brotha especially the idea of letting players out of their contracts(coach as well..)..not having to play/work for this satan..I’m pretty sure silver another k!te will just “ask” that he make a public apology..fine him and ask him to cut a check to some charity..probably a “minority” organization which won’t go to Blacks but g@ys or white cave be!tch females etc…….

      • “Nobody set that racist cracka up”

        @devon..leave it up to some internet dude to miss represent My premise/stance..TYPICAL!!!!…..

  36. His players should make a statement in response – maybe boycott a game! – Do u remember when Sprewell said he was a high paid slave? Huuuummmmmm