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Defense Team Signals It Will Smear Renisha McBride’s Character in Trial

The Trayvon Martin trial proved that what happens inside the courtroom is very often influenced by what happens outside the courtroom. Prior to George Zimmerman’s trial, his attorney, Mark O’Mara,  Renisha_McBride1went on Fox News and accused Trayvon Martin of being a weed smoking thug who was more than likely out looking for trouble on the night he was gunned down. Now, the defense team for a man who gunned down unarmed teen Renisha McBride is signalling that it will use a similar tactic.

The defense counsel for Theodore Wafer is planning to introduce aspects of McBride’s lifestyle to be against her in the trial, according to the Associated Press. The judge is scheduled to decide on Friday whether or not aspects of McBride’s lifestyle—such as her cell phone records, which allegedly include images of the teen with cash, and any previous arrests–can be used in the trial.

However, regardless of what the judge rules, it is possible that much of that information will be used in the run up to trial. During the Zimmerman trial, attorney Mark O’Mara accused Trayvon Martin of at†acking a homeless man. O’Mara later admitted that he’d falsely accused the slain teen, but by then the story had gone viral.

Renisha McBride, 19, had been drinking and had marijuana in her system when she wrecked her car and ended up on Wafer’s porch. McBride was standing on his porch when Wafer fired a shøt through the screen door and ended the teen’s life.

In addition to injecting the trial with aspects of McBride’s lifestyle, Wafer’s counsel is also looking to have the presiding judge in the case removed, but has not revealed its reasoning.


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